How to Zip Files Right On Your iPhone/iPad Easily

Let's put it straight, zipping or unzipping files on iPhone and iPad has become dead simple thanks to the arrival of iOS 12. Still running older iOS version? No problem, you're still in luck!


Not too long ago zipping files on iPhone or iPad used to be tedious. You had to go through a roundabout way to compress files on your iOS device. But things have changed a lot. Really a lot for the better!

Times when I need to send several files to my colleagues, I make sure to take advantage of a zip tool to compress the size of the files for a smooth transition. Earlier I used to rely on a third-party app to get through. But with the latest iOS version offering a lot easier solution, I no longer have to look for any other way. Follow along to discover how it works.

How to Zip or Unzip Files on iPhone and iPad With Ease

How to Zip or Unzip Files with Shortcuts in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 comes with a smart app called “Shortcuts” that lets you create shortcuts for several things like zipping files. And once you’ve customized your hack, it hardly takes a few moments to carry out the things you have to do repeatedly.

Even better, you can also make a special phrase to get the task done using Siri a bit faster. We’ve created a hands-on guide about how to compress or extract files using Shortcuts app in iOS 12. To get started, head over here.

Zip/Unzip File on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 11

With iOS 11 Apple made it a tad easier to handle zip files. However, you still required a third-party app to extract or compress files. If you are using iOS 11, jump over to his complete guide to take control of your zipped files.

Running iOS 10 or Earlier On Your iPhone or iPad?

Thanks to some handy apps you can zip or unzip files even on the older versions like iOS 10. 9 or even 8. We’ve rounded up some of the finest apps that get the task done with ease. Head over to this post to discover them.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping up…

If your iPhone or iPad is compatible, I would suggest you upgrade to iOS 12 for a better experience. It’s got several goodies (like the one I mentioned above) to enhance your productivity. Moreover, the latest version of iOS runs more smoothly.

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