It is not often that you need to compress and zip files on your iPhone or iPad but when you do, you realize that there’s no way of doing it. At least, no “stock” app has a feature that lets you zip files on-the-fly.

Fortunately, zipping files is not prohibited on the iOS so third-party apps help you out here. If you can somehow upload the files to the zipping app, you will be able to zip files easily. That is what we’re looking at in this post.

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How to Zip Files On iPhone or iPad

Zip Tool is a nifty little app that lets you zip/unzip files easily right on your iPhone or iPad. It works great as an unzipping utility, but apparently there are many more apps which let you unzip files. However, when it comes to zipping files on-the-fly on your iPhone/iPad, Zip Tool is one of our favorites. It’s simple to use and the fact that you can import files in a variety of ways makes a compelling case for me to recommend the app.

Here’s how it works.

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Uploading the files to be zipped on iPhone/iPad

One of the biggest pet peeves about iOS is the lack of a file manager (or a file-folder system which is only partially resolved in iCloud Drive). This usually makes it nearly impossible to transfer files (or upload them to an app) easily.

With Zip Tool, you can upload files in a couple of ways.

  • Through Wi-Fi (direct upload)
  • Through in-app sharing (like Dropbox)

Through Wi-fi, you just have to tap on Transfer and then on WiFi Transfer. You can then directly upload files to your iPhone/iPad (running the Zip Tool app) via your PC’s browser.

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How to Upload Files to be zipped on iPhone or iPad

Through in-app sharing, all you need to do is open the file in an app (like Dropbox or iWork suite) and tap on the share icon. Next, tap on the Open in… option and select Zip Tool. This will open the file and save it in Zip Tool.

Uploading files to be zipped on iPhone and iPad

Zipping the files on iPhone/iPad

Once you’ve got your files uploaded to Zip Tool, you can easily zip them. To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Tap on Local Files.
  • Then tap on Edit and select the files to be zipped.
  • Next, tap on zip from the options below.

Zipping the files on iPhone and iPad

  • This will create a new file that you can then share (via email, Dropbox etc.) [to do this, tap on the ‘^’ icon to the right of the zip file’s name.]

Zip Tool comes in two versions: the free one is enough for most purposes. If you want to get rid of the ads, pick the pro.

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Price: Free
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