How to Watch YouTube Video in PIP Mode on iPad Using CornerTube App

There are many ways to efficiently multitask on your iPad for an enhanced tablet experience. However, ever since YouTube stopped picture-in-picture mode support, users of iPadOS became helpless. If you are amongst them and are looking for a way to watch YouTube Videos in PIP Mode on iPad, we have a solution.

Though the iPad’s YouTube app supports split and slide overview, that’s not as smooth or comfortable as a PIP Mode. Therefore, users have to rely on third-party apps to watch YouTube videos in Picture in Picture mode.

How to Play YouTube Videos in PIP Mode on iPad

Surprisingly, the App Store is not brimming with apps on the matter. There are some limited options, including CornerTube – PiP for YouTube, PiP4YouTubePiP Enabler or PiPifier. Amidst the available choices, I enjoyed the CornerTube the most. Though I won’t call it the perfect app for PIP mode.

But it’s either this or opt for YouTube Red, a premium YouTube service for ad-free and background play. While YouTube Red might be better, the CornerTube is a much cheaper one-time expense for any iPad user.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture on iPad With CornerTube App

CornerTube is a relatively simple app that lends quite a few options to watch YouTube videos in PIP mode.

  • Today Widget – A widget that detects YouTube link copied to your clipboard, allowing you to access the video from Today View.
  • Action Extension – The extension lets you watch YouTube videos from any app
  • In-app Search – Search for a video directly from the CornerTube app.

Quick Access:

Play YouTube Videos with Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad Via Today Widget 

Step #1. First off, download CornerTube on your iPad.

Step #2. Open YouTube on your device and Tap on video.

Open YouTube App and Tap on Video on iPad

Step #3. While the video is running, tap on the Share icon from the upper right corner.

Tap on Share in YouTube Video on iPad

Step #4. Select Copy Link from the menu that pops up.

Tap on Copy Link from Pops Up Menu in YouTube on iPad

Step #5. Come back to the Home Screen and access the Today View.

Step #6. The CornerTube Widget will be ready with your video, tap on the video.

Tap on YouTube Video in CornerTube Widget on iPad

Step #7. In the playing window, tap on the PiP icon from the upper left corner.

Tap on PIP icon to Play YouTube Video in Picture in Picture Mode on iPad

Now you can open any other app on your iPad and watch the video simultaneously. You can also use the method for other apps such as Safari. Just open Safari, select a YouTube video from any website Share  Copy, and the CornerTube Widget will have the video ready in Today View.

Note: In case you can’t see the widget, use this hack to add widgets to the home screen.

Using the Action Extension To Play YouTube Videos with Picture-in-Picture Mode 

Step #1. Open YouTube or any other app → Select Video  Share icon from the upper right corner.

Select YouTube Video and Tap on Share in iPadOS

Step #2. Tap on the three-dot icon and select Send To CornerTube.

Tap on More and Select Send to ConrnerTube on iPad

Step #3. The video will start playing in the new window, select the PiP icon from the upper left corner.

Tap on PIP icon to Play YouTube Video in Picture in Picture Mode on iPad

While this seems like a more straightforward method to access PiP mode, this causes a significant flaw. Unfortunately, the YouTube app or other apps will freeze on Opening in CornerTube message.

Opening YouTube Video in CornerTube App on iPad

If you want to access the app, you will need to force close YouTube on your tablet and then reopen the app.

Open YouTube Videos with Picture-in-Picture Mode Via CornerTube’s In-app Search

Step #1. Open the CornerTube app on your iPad.

Open ConrerTube App on iPad

Step #2. Type in the search box for the video you want in the search bar.

Tap on Search in CornerTube App on iPad

Step #3. Select the video you want from the options.

Tap on Video to Open with Picture in Picture Mode Via CornerTube on iPad

Step #4. The video will start playing, select the PiP icon from the upper left corner.

Tap on PIP icon to Play YouTube Video in Picture in Picture Mode on iPad

By far, this method seems to be my favorite. Instead of searching for a video on YouTube, I am looking for one in the CornerTube app.

CornerTube Truly Supports Multitasking 

Adding more to your multitasking, the app also offers support for slide over and split view in iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and iPad Pro. Just from the right side or drop another app on the right side.

That’s all, friends!

Watching YouTube videos on the bigger screen of the iPad is edutainment. You can learn and have fun at the same time. Picture in Picture mode takes you a step ahead. Enjoy multitasking on your Apple tablet while watching your favorite videos.

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