How to Play YouTube Video in PIP Mode on iPad Using PipTube App

Stock YouTube app does not support Picture in Picture mode. To use PiP mode, read this complete guide on how to have PIP for YouTube videos on iPad.

There are many ways you can do multitasking on your iPad to enhance your tablet experience. However, when it comes to PIP mode on YouTube, iOS users become helpless. Earlier, YouTube supported this picture-in-picture mode on iPad. Later, to promote its YouTube Red, which is a premium service, YouTube discontinued this feature. Now, users have to rely on third-party apps to watch YouTube videos in Picture in Picture mode.

On Safari, iOS users can use split view feature of iPad to watch YouTube videos in PiP mode. But YouTube app on iOS doesn’t have any facility to show videos in a picture in picture mode. A better way is to download and use the latest PipTube app on your iPad to use picture in picture mode.

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How to Watch Youtube Videos in “Picture in Picture” Mode on iPad Using PipTube App

There are two other iOS apps people can use on their iPad to watch YouTube videos on PiP mode: CornerTube and PiPifier. But both apps have not been updated recently, hence, they cannot be relied for their trustworthiness.

Some experts also suggest using YouTube Red, a premium YouTube service for ad-free and background play; you can save videos and listen to music without ad interruptions.

A PipTube is a much cheaper one-time expense for any iPad user.

Step #1. First off, download PipTube on your iPad.

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Step #2. Next, open YouTube on your device and run any video.

Step #3. While the video is running, tap on Share icon from upper right corner.

Tap on Share icon in YouTube Video on iPad

Step #4. A menu will swipe up from the bottom of your iPad screen, Tap on More and then tap on Open in PipTube.

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Tap on More and Select Open In PipTube in YouTube App

This will open that YouTube video in PipTube app.

Then you can minimize the video by tapping on PiP icon from the upper left corner.

Watch Youtube Videos in Picture in Picture Mode on iPad Using PipTube App

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Now you can open any other app on your iPad and watch video simultaneously.

What if I want to go back to YouTube?

Note that your YouTube video will open in PipTube app; in case you want to go back to YouTube, you can close the PipTube video app and launch YouTube.

Unfortunately, YouTube app gets frozen on your iPad; at least we have noticed this multiple times on our iPad. You need to force close YouTube on your tablet and then reopen the app.

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How to Watch YouTube Videos with Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad using Safari

PipTube will cost you $1.99, and if you don’t want to spend a penny to watch YouTube videos with Picture-in-Picture mode on your iPad, there is a way.

You can use the Safari app and follow a few easy steps to view YouTube videos in PiP mode on iPad.

That’s all friends!

Signing off…

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Watching YouTube videos on the bigger screen of iPad is edutainment. You can learn and have fun at the same time. Picture in Picture mode takes you a step ahead. Enjoy multitasking on your Apple tablet while watching your favorite videos.

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