How to Watch Disney Plus Shows and Movies in India

How to Subscribe and Watch Disney+ in India

Disney+ launched on November 12, 2019, in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands but it is yet to be officially available in India. In fact, Disney has not even mentioned India as a probable launch for the immediate future. However, if you want to get Disney Plus in India using an Indian Debit or Credit card, here is how to circumvent the geo-restriction and watch all the shows and movies on Disney+ in India.

How to Subscribe and Watch Disney+ in India

Quick Access:

How to Get Disney+ in India on Android Phone

Things Needed

  • Android Phone with version 5.0 and later
  • Card for Payment: You may cancel after seven-day trial
  • Strong Internet Connection

The Process

  • Download the Disney+ app that is not yet available in the Indian App Store
  • Secondly, we will use a VPN
  • Third, we will sign up for Disney+

Step #1. Open Chrome, go to, search for Disney+, and tap on it.

Search Disney+ App on Android Phone

Step #2. Here, you will be first forced to download the APKpure Android app. Tap on Download XAPK (13.1 MB).

Tap on Download XAPK on Android Device

Step #3. After downloading, go to your downloads folder inside file manager and tap on the apk file to install APKpure app.

Install APKpure App from Download Folder on Android Device

Note: It will ask for permission to install apps from unknown developers, so give your consent now and once again in the next step.

Step #4. Lauch APKpure app, (give it the necessary permissions), and inside that, search for Disney+ again. Now tap on Install.

Open APKpure App and Install Disney Plus App on Android Phone

Step #5. Do not open the Disney+ app! Instead, launch Play Store and install Faster & Safer Internet or if you already use a paid VPN, you can use that.

Install Faster and Safer Internet App on Android

Note: I said paid VPN because services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and iCloud detect most free VPNs, and then they won’t let you skip the geo-restrictions. These services are smart but we are smarter. Read on…

Step #6. Launch app and tap on the big toggle. Follow the simple prompt to add a VPN profile, and soon you will be connected. This free service will work; however, for a better experience, you may purchase the premium service that costs ₹69.

Add VPN on App on Android Device

Step #7. Go ahead and open the Disney+ app.

Step #8. You will see START FREE TRIAL, tap on it.

Start Free Trial to Watch Disney+ in India on Android

Step #9. Enter your email, password, and then use your card to complete the billing.

Get Free Disney+ Subscription in India on Android Phone

Step #10. Once you finish the process, you are successfully subscribed to Disney+. Voila!

Tip: I recommend you uninstall the APKpure app, as this unnecessarily consumes a lot of battery in the background.

Watch Disney Plus on Android Phone in India

Some Important Points Related to Payment for Disney+

#1: You will not be charged now, however ₹1 might be deducted for making sure that the card is working. This one rupee will be refunded most likely within 15 days. All major companies, including Apple, do this.

#2: You can use UPI, other payment methods, and even offline payment. This is because Disney+ handles payment via the Google Play Store, and in India, Google Play Store supports a wide variety of payments.

How to Watch Disney+ on iPhone and iPad in India

Things Needed

  • Android Phone and a Payment Method to follow the above steps
  • US Address
  • US Phone number

Why above things are needed?

  • Android Phone, etc.: Because it is almost impossible to use Indian cards once you set the region of your Apple ID as the US. If you have PayPal or Card that works with US Apple ID, you do not need an Android phone. You can sign up for Disney+ right on your iOS device
  • US Address and Phone Number: To complete the billing address when you change region from India to the US

Step #1. Use an Android phone, follow the steps above and proceed after you are successful there.

Step #2. Head over to this post and change the region of App Store from India to US. You do not need to add any payment method. If you have an US Apple ID, you can ignore this step.

Step #3. Search for Disney+ in the App Store and download it. Do not open the app yet.

Download Disney Plus App from App Store on iPhone

Step #4. Also, search and download Faster Internet and once it completes, launch the app.

Download Faster Internet from iPhone App Store

Step #5. Tap on the toggle → follow the easy steps → Install VPN profile by entering your password. Now, you are connected to this optimized DNS service.

Set up VPN on iPhone

Step #6. Launch the Disney Plus app and log in using the email and password you used to start this streaming service on your Android phone! Enjoy!

Login on iPhone to Watch Disney Plus Show and Movie in India

Watch Disney Plus on iPhone in India

How to Use Disney+ on Web Outside US

When you use a VPN and browser on a computer to sign up for Disney Plus, it will ask for payments using PayPal and other country-specific payment methods. As a result, you might not succeed with a Debit or Credit card issued by Indian banks. Therefore, use an Android phone to initially sign up, then use a VPN on your computer or browsers, and log in using the same email and password on the web. Sometimes, Android does rule!

So, this is how to get Disney+ in India on various devices. Since Disney has not made this streaming service available in India, what we did above was to follow some workarounds and some unique tricks, and therefore, it is my duty to ask you to please proceed with caution.

Drawbacks of Using Disney Plus in India

#1. As you will have to use a VPN to access this, the video quality at times may be choppy.

#2. Streaming services are notorious for blocking VPNs and thus, anytime, Disney+ may stop working on your VPN.

#3. The current Disney+ apps on Android and iOS are a colossal pain to cast on a big display like Smart TVs. They fail, and on the connected screen, it shows ‘Video Not Found.’ This error may be due to location, VPN, or the app.

A Tip: If you are not successful or do not get good video quality, try connecting your VPN to different USA server or to Netherlands or Canada.

Due to these drawbacks, I feel that as of now, only the tech and movie enthusiasts should try this. For rest in India, you may try the 7-day trial or stick to Apple TV+, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji, Zee5, etc.

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