How to View Your Workouts in Activity App on iPhone

Check your workout details like time, distance, calories etc. in the Workout app on your Apple Watch. Sync your Apple Watch with iPhone and view your workouts.

Workout sessions are your precious time consumed to make your life more beautiful and healthy. This makes it compulsory for you to check your workouts in the Activity app. It is also mandatory for fitness freaks to keep an eye over how much time they worked out, how many calories they burned, heart rate, the distance you ran/walked and other important information about your exercise.

Thankfully, iOS 9.3 has introduced a new feature Workouts. And this tells you more about your fitness regimen. With your Apple Watch, you can easily track details collected by the Apple Watch synced with your iPhone. Read this information below and track your physical activity in the Activity app.

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How to View Your Workouts in Activity App on iPhone

How to view your workouts in Activity App on iPhone

Before you go ahead, reassure that your Apple Watch is synced with your iPhone.

Launch Activity app on your iPhone → Now tap on Workouts icon seen in the bottom center of your iPhone’s screen → If your iPhone is not paired with Apple Watch, you will find below screen:

Open Activity App on iPhone and Tap on Workouts

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After syncing your Apple Watch with your iPhone, launch Workout app on your Apple Watch.

Open Workout App on Apple Watch

Now you can see all exercises in the Workouts feature in Activity app on iPhone.

Tap on Workouts in Activity App on iPhone

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Note that in Workouts feature all your workouts will be displayed by month. If you want to see individual workouts, you need to tap on a day. It will show a number of workouts, the time you have spent for the workouts, and calories you burnt during the workouts.

View Daily Workout on iPhone

Tap on individual workouts to view the details of each workout.

View Workout Details on iPhone

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Finally, you can share your workout details with your friends on social media. Tap on that Share icon seen on the top right corner of your phone’s screen. Challenge your friends to do more workout than you did.

Share Workout Details With Your FriendsOnce you share your workout details, don’t forget to share this wonderful information on social media. Send in feedback on this information on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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