How to Show Full Website URL in Safari in Mac OS X El Capitan

Before sharing a URL, see the full URL on your Safari browser running on Mac. This one is a good trick for average and pro-users.


A full website URL is something new for many users, who check websites on Safari OS X El Capitan. A real tech geek would have this knowledge of how to see or show full website URL in Safari on Mac.

If you are using Safari on Mac, you can check the full URL by following a few easy steps. By doing some changes in your Mac settings, you can unhide that complete URL, which your browser has never revealed.

How to Show Full URL in Safari on Mac

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How to View Full URL in Safari in Mac OS X

Step #1. Open Safari browser on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on Safari menu.

Step #3. Now click on Safari Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Safari on Mac

Step #4. Click on Advanced button from the list of buttons.

You can see the very first option: Smart Search Field.

Step #5. Check the box “Show full website address”.

Click on Show Full website Address in Safari on Mac

Close the dialog box and check the difference by opening inner page of any website i.e.

To show or to see the full URL, you should be beyond the root level of a website. The full URL shows you what exactly the URL of any website is. For an average user, this may not be a concern, but many pro users would like to know or check which website they are visiting. By pro-users, I mean designers, developers, bloggers etc., who spend at least 8 to 10 hours a day on browsing the web.

For average users, it is equally important to know this information as they keep sharing many URLs on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+.