How to View Only Downloaded Music on iPhone or iPad

How to View Only Downloaded Music on iPhone or iPad

The stock Music app keeps all the locally stored music at one place; irrespective of whether you’ve compiled songs from Apple Music or iTunes library. Therefore, you can easily navigate through the entire catalog and access all of your downloaded music on your iOS device to stream songs without an Internet connection.

Unlike before, the Music app has a bit more intuitive user-interface. Besides, it also offers some neat customization to keep the library organized for comfortable access to several other things like playlists, albums and more. Anyway, let me show you a quick way to view your offline songs!

How to Access Downloaded Music on Your iOS Device

Step #1. Open Music app on your iOS device.

Open Music app on your iPhone

Step #2. Now, ensure that the Library tab is selected at the bottom left corner → tap on Downloaded Music.

Tap on Downloaded Music Under Library tab in Apple Music App

Step #3. Next up, you should see all the music that’s available locally on your device.

View and Access Only Downloaded Music on iPhone or iPad

Now, you can hit different categories like Playlists, Albums, Songs, and Artists to dive into them and take a look at all of your offline songs.

What If You Don’t See Downloaded Music Option Within the Library Tab? 

Just in case you don’t find the “Downloaded Music” option within the Library tab, you may have unknowingly hidden it. To make it appear again, tap on Edit at the top right → check the tiny circle to the left of Downloaded Music and then tap on Done to confirm the change.

Enable Downloaded Music Option in Apple Music app

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping Up…

Though the Music app may not still have the best UI, it’s definitely getting better. There is one little feature that I’d like to see in this app is the full-fledged dark mode in the upcoming iOS 13. It would definitely enhance the user experience.

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What’s the one major improvement you want to see in Apple Music? It would be great to have your feedback in the comment.

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