With the coming of new and bigger iPhones and iPads, user experience has changed a lot when it comes to browsing the web. In September Apple removed the wrappings off iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. Not to say, these phones have reasonably enough big screens and sport smoother browsers too, if you’re not a big fan of apps.

Well upon having all the requirements, why not browse the web beautifully? Your new and big iPhones gives you the capability to rise above “mobile website” and at the end of day desktop versions of the website are far better.

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View Desktop Site on iOS 8

How to view the desktop version of a website in iOS 8 Safari on iPhone or iPad:

For iOS 8 users, Safari does the work seamlessly with a few taps on the screen. To give you a short example, we’ve used YouTube:

1. Open YouTube and see the URL. YouTube automatically detects devices and redirects them to the corresponding version of it’s site. So in the URL box you would see m.youtube.com.

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2. Next, tap the address bar (where you see m.youtube.com) and it’ll bring up a menu that’ll have the option Request Desktop Site. Tap on this.

HowRequest Desktop Site on iOS 8

3. Wait for the page to load and once it happens, enjoy more videos and content and an extra banner ad too.

Why ‘desktop version of a website’?

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Although mobile users sum up for most users of the Internet, desktop websites still are somewhat different and have a bit extra. Just to illustrate, I’ll pick up an example of the website you access the most, Facebook. There’s no need to say, there’s a huge difference between the mobile and desktop version of the same site. There’s more feed, more pictures, more apps, more stickers and of course more ads too, in the desktop version of Facebook.

If you just happen to delete all your previous messages on Facebook, you can’t do it with ease from the mobile version. Or your friend uploaded a video and you’ll of course need to log in from your computer to enjoy it. Mobile websites are increasing but desktop sites have their own taste and that’s why the desktop version of a website right on your iPhone is good.

Desktop version of a website and data use

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Will using ‘desktop version’ of a website eat more data? Well, the answer to this question is “no”. Now-a-days websites are responsive: they send the same page (with same size) to users from all devices and the page automatically gets resized to fit the screen. So the amount of data transfer will almost be the same. You can try out the “responsive” thing on the page you’re currently reading, just drag and resize the window and see the magic happen.