It’s human that we like to listen to our favorite music very often. On any other media player, you can always go back and replay the music of your choice. But if you are using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac you need to explore the device first and then check the history of songs you have played. There are countless moments when we forget our favorite track played on yesterday.

You can be listening to Beats 1, Apple Music radio stations, For You playlists or your own library; but it might be difficult for you to remember the lyrics or name of artists. In such case, you can check the history on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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How to View Beats 1 and Radio Play History on iPhone, iPad, or MacPlay History…

Remember that iPhone deletes the list of songs from your library and For Your playlists once you close iTunes or restart your iPhone.

On the contrary, songs you listen to on Beats 1 or Apple Music radio stations are synced across the devices; a full list is created in both iTunes app on your iPhone and on your Mac. It is not yet confirmed that how many days of history is stored.

How to View Your Library’s Play History on Your iPhone or iPad

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Step #1. Launch the Music app on your iDevice.

Step #2. Tap on the track being played currently.Tap on The Currently Playing Song in Apple Music AppStep #3. Tap the Up Next icon (next to the icon to select Next track.) You will be landed on the Up Next screen.Tap on Up Next Icon in Apple Music AppStep #4. Scroll down to check your Up Next history. You can play any song from this list.Tap on Done in Up Next Tab on iPhone in Apple Music AppStep #5. Tap on Done.

How to View Radio Play History on Your iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your iPhone/iPad.

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Step #2. Tap on Up Next icon.

Step #3. Tap on Wishlist.

Step #4. Now tap on Radio tab.

Here, you can check your complete radio listening history.

How to View Radio Play History on your Mac

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your Mac → Click on the Radio. You can play number of songs from any Apple Music radio station, including Beats 1.

Step #2. Click the Up Next icon.View Radio Library's Play History on MacThis action will give you a list of songs you have played recently. Songs in Apple Music catalog will show “Add” next to their entry, while a Buy button will be seen next the songs available only on iTunes Store.

How to View Music Library’s Play History on Your Mac

Step #1. Click on iTunes → Click My Music tab.

You can play number of songs from your Apple Music library, or from ‘For You’ playlist (If you have played songs from your iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to play songs on your Mac)

Step #2. Click Up Next icon → Now click on Show History icon.

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View Music Library's Play History on MacWhile following the above steps, please ensure that you have latest version of iTunes on your Mac.