How to View All Events & Change Calendar Colors in iOS 7 – Quick Beginner Tip

Calendar in iOS 7 has been revamped to sport a very minimal, flat look. While some of us think that Apple went overboard in the simplification, some folks like the new look.

Nevertheless, one of the most important changes in the interface comes to the bird’s eye view of upcoming events in a month (or all months). Although a simplification of sorts puts it in an unexpected place, I think new users and old users alike are going to be confused trying to search for the master events list.

How to get a list of all the events that have been entered in your Calendar app:

  • Open the Calendar app
  • Tap on the search icon on top-right
  • This brings up all the events that have been stored in your Calendars
  • Tap on any event to go to that particular day.

How to View All Events in iOS 7

As simple as it sounds, it’s kind of counter-intuitive to put all events under the search tab. But it makes from a search-perspective: if your intention is to search for an event, you might also take a look at the list of all events you’ve stored.

Pre-iOS 7, the events list was shown under the month-view (which was also the default view of the Calendar app). With the recent changes, month-view is no longer the default view and so, this calls for lesser screen real-estate for all events to be shown. Hence, Apple’s decision.

A new iPad user wrote to us asking about changing colors and using different colors for different calendars. It’s a basic tip so skip this if you know it already:

  • Open the Calendar app
  • Tap on Calendars. This shows a list of Calendars you have on your iPad/iPhone

Stock Calendar App in iOS 7

  • To change the color of a particular calendar, tap on the “i” icon on the right of the calendar

i Icon on Right of the Calendar in iOS 7

  • Choose a color from the seven options

Edit Calendar Color in iOS 7

  • Done!

Bonus tip: To change the color for a calendar from non-iCloud account (for instance, Gmail calendars), you just have to change the color in the original calendar. If you use a Google Calendar, log in to that calendar on the web and change the color. Then, refresh calendars in the Calendar app on iPhone. The color of the particular calendar will be changed (to the closest equivalent of the color you set). [Thanks to RCheng for the tip!]

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