You can use a third party remote with Apple TV, if you are not satisfied with the original remote of Apple TV. Though it is nice, odds are that many users may not like its small, minuscule design. More so, it pales in comparison with some third party remotes.

The best thing about it is that you don't have to jailbreak or carry out any other out-of-the- box activity to use a third party remote. Apple officially allows you to use a third party remote if you wish to do so.

How To Use Third Party Remote With Apple TV

How To Use Third Party Remote With Apple TV

Step #1. Launch Settings on your Apple TV (make sure to use the original Apple TV remote.)

Step #2. Select General.

Step #3. Select Remotes.

Step #4. Select Learn Remote Option.

Step #5. Choose the third party remote which you want to use. Toggle to a setting (you must ensure that the setting is not in use with any other devices.)

Step #6. Select the buttons which you want instead of Apple TV Remote buttons.

Step #7. Press and hold the button you have selected on your third party remote.

You are done!

Now, you may have to wait just a few seconds. Once the process is successfully completed, the third party remote will be assigned to the Apple Remote button and get highlighted through Apple TV interface.

Third party apps, keyboards or remotes are great as they let you maximize the utility of your device. Keeping their ever-increasing significance into consideration, Apple has allowed smooth entries of third parties into iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. The move has richly paid dividends and made UI more useful for users than ever.