How to Use Snapchat Spectacles with iPhone

Snapchat Spectacles is worth your money and an absolute delight for folks who love snapping quick videos. Navigate through the tips to use the sunglasses in style.

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t much impressed with all the hype surrounding Snapchat Spectacles. I felt that it would also fail to live up to the expectation just like Google Glass. However, once I spared a few moments to give the sunglasses a look, they did appeal me.

The ultra-modern Spectacles feature a camera with the 115-degrees lens which mimics how human eyes see. They have been designed to let you snap quick videos. Available in three colors black, coral and teal and priced $129, the sunglasses have got enough to attract you.

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How to Use Snapchat Spectacles with iPhoneIf you have bought the glasses and wanted to use them with your iPhone, follow these handy tips to get started!

How to Use Snapchat Spectacles with iPhone

How to Pair Snapchat Spectacles with Your iPhone

It’s incredibly easy to pair Spectacles with your iPhone. All you have to do is look at the scannable Snapchat ghost icon in the app with the Spectacles. Then, you need to press the single button on the top left of the glasses. They will get paired quickly.

How to Snap Video with Spectacles

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Step #1. To snap video with the Spectacles, simply tap on the button at the top left-hand corner of the sunglasses.

Step #2. The video will stop recording automatically after 10 seconds.

If you want to add another 10 seconds of recording, tap on the button again.

One thing you need to know that you have the option to record up to 30 seconds at a time.

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When you start recording the video, a small light inside the glasses will blink. A small ring of LEDs at the front left will let others know that you are recording the video.

How to Edit and Share the Video Recorded by Spectacles on iPhone

Once you record any videos, they are saved in the app. Even if you take three discrete 10-second snaps, they would play like a continuous clip when you upload them to Snapchat Story.

Step #1. Videos which you capture with Spectacles are synced via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when the app is open. (On Android, you can sync your snaps over Wi-Fi) To access the clips, tap on the new Specs tab in the Memories section.

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Step #2. You can now tweak your video, add filters as usual.

Step #3. Send the video to your friend, post it to your story or even share it on other social platforms.

There is one interesting thing about the snaps captured using Snapchat Sunglasses. When watching the clips, you would see a new “circular” format which has been developed to display your footage the way human eyes see.

How to Charge Snapchat Spectacles’ Batteries

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On an average use, Snapchat Spectacles’ battery can last almost a day. The outward-facing light works as the battery indicator. Simply double tap on it to check how much power is left on it. The charging case lets you power up the glasses with ease. Once fully charged, it can juice up the spectacles up to four times.

That’s it!

There are two major areas where the sunglasses need improvements: The syncing over Bluetooth takes a lot of time; thereby eating the good chunk of battery. The video quality, particularly in low, is not up to the mark. What do you think of them? Share your views in the comments below.

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