4 Ways to use your smartphone to grow your small business

4 Ways to use your smartphone to grow your small business

According to research, U.S. adults spend 2 hours and 55 minutes every day on their smartphones. And before buying something new, most of them look for reviews using their phones. We use our phones for practically everything-staying connected to loved ones, shopping, checking the weather, getting directions, and even reading news.

Most Americans own a smartphone, so using it to market your business makes a lot of sense. Use these tips to market your small business using your phone and gain a competitive edge.

1. Create videos and take pictures

Create videos and take pictures to grow business

All premium iPhones have high-quality cameras and can record professional-looking videos and take quality pictures. Create high-quality videos of your products and upload them to your YouTube channel and social media accounts.

For instance: If you own a dealership, take quality car photos of different models and add them to your website and social media posts. Customers and prospects will quickly see your offerings.

Most iPhones and premium handsets can shoot videos at 720p, 1080p, and 4K. If you want the best video image quality, choose 4K resolution. It’s worth mentioning that these videos take up more space, but they are way better than 1080p or even 720p videos.

2. Use location-based marketing

Location-based marketing is a fantastic feature available to both android and iPhone users. Unlike SMS marketing, where you send messages randomly to target customers, the feature identifies potential customers nearby and delivers your marketing messages to their phones.

You can use a geofencing-based feature to send messages to shoppers within a specific proximity. Or you can go a step further and use the geo-conquesting feature. It sends messages to potential shoppers within your competitor’s location.

This allows you to snatch customers from your competitor by alerting them about your offers and discounts.

3. Capture ideas and create content

Capture ideas and create content to grow business

An iPhone is an excellent tool for recording audio podcasts for marketing. Simply use the one-touch voice recorder called Voice Memo. If you own an Android handset, simply select voice recording and get started!

You can use the app to record your marketing podcasts or ideas and upload them to your website or YouTube. Most businesses use this app to record podcasts, hire people to transcribe them, and post them as articles on blogs.

4. Do market research

The market research gives you important information about your potential customers, competitors, and the existing products in the marketplace. You can use the insights you get to edge out the competition.

Without market research, you won’t know your target audience, the products they buy, who, when, how they buy them, and how much they cost. Good market research can also create a foundation for business decisions like sales and marketing.

With good market research, you’ll know how your target audience feels about a certain topic or trend. You’ll develop a successful marketing strategy and reduce risk by determining product features, pricing, and promotions.

Research also helps you to focus resources where they will be most effective. Use Google to research your market and industry.

These were some of the ways you can use your smartphone to grow your small business without downloading any apps. Have more suggestions? Share them in the comments below to help our readers.

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