How to Use Siri with Typing Instead of Your Voice on iPhone/iPad

Is Siri unable to understand your accent? You can type your question instead of using your voice to communicate with the virtual assistant on your iPhone.

I really enjoy using Siri on my iPhone. Whether it’s setting an alarm quickly or asking any question, the virtual assistant is always up and ready for my help. The only problem with Siri is that it doesn’t always understand what you mean. At times, the voice assistant finds it a bit too hard to understand the particular accent, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, there is a way to communicate with Siri by typing instead of using your voice. If you don’t find it too convenient to chat with the virtual assistant using your voice, this can be a handy trick. Let’s cross over to check out!

How to Edit Siri Questions and Commands on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. First off, you will have to launch Siri by pressing and holding the Home button on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Siri on your iPhoneStep #2. Next up, you need to dictate a request.

you need to dictate a request to SiriStep #3. Now, you have to Scroll up to view the text which you have spoken if it isn’t on the screen already.

Step #4. Up next, you will need to tap on the text you spoke to edit it.

tap on the text you spoke to edit itStep #5. Change anything you want and finally tap on Done on the bottom right of the keyboard to confirm.

Tap on Done on the bottom right of the keyboard to confirmThat’s it!

Apple is reported to be preparing Amazon Echo competitor which will be based on Siri. With Camera and face recognition technology, Apple’s personal assistant will be highly advanced and user-friendly.

While some reports have said that the Siri-based personal assistant will be integrated with Apple TV, others have claimed that it will come with iPhone.

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