Siri offers multiple benefits to users. This intelligent voice assistant can be a great help if you are using HomeKit accessories. If you own a large office or a home with multiple rooms, courtyard, basement etc., you would like to send commands to Siri to switch on or off lights, thermostats, door sensors and more.

By now, you must have set up HomeKit accessories on your iPhone or iPad; now, get to know how you can use Siri with those HomeKit devices.

How to Use Siri with HomeKit Accessories

If you are logged into your iCloud account with devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch, you can easily operate HomeKit accessories with these devices. Your Apple Watch can be your best tool if it is within the range of your iPhone.

How to Use Siri with your HomeKit Accessories on iPhone or iPad

If you have extended access of HomeKit accessories to your guests, they can also use Siri to operate those accessories.

Different commands you can give to HomeKit accessories via Siri:

There are some common sentences or phrases you can use to operate HomeKit accessories through Siri.

To turn on any HomeKit-enabled lights in your home, say: “Turn on the lights”.

To turn on ‘Whitey’, say: “Turn on Dance lights”.

To switch on lights in a particular room you have set up earlier, say: “Turn on lights in the Dining Room”.

To switch off lights Downstairs zone, say: “Turn off the lights Downstairs”.

To turn lights dim in bedroom to 55 per cent, say: “Set the Living Room lights to 55”.

To check the temperature in living room with thermostat or room sensor, say: “What is the temperature in living room?” (you can also check humidity of the room similarly)

To fix temperature in the living room to 32 degrees, say: “Set the temperature in the living room to 32 degrees”.

To turn on HomeKit-enabled TV, say: “Turn on the TV”.

Apart from sending commands via Siri within the ambit of your Wi-Fi network, you can also control HomeKit accessories from outside your home.

In case you face any issue while using HomeKit, read this post for troubleshooting.

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