The prime reason why I have bought iPhone 7 Plus is to use the much-talked-about the dual-camera system. There is a nice feature called Portrait mode exclusive for the phablet’s Camera app, which simulates a shallow depth of field very much like a powerful DSLR camera. (You can use portrait mode on iPhone 7 and older iPhones as well, here is how to.)

Portrait mode is available in iOS 10.1. With the use of 56mm lens, it captures any image. The wider 28mm lens allows it to generate a depth map of a scene. Making the utmost use of the small differentiation between 56mm and 25mm, the smartphone separates different layers of any photos. Thanks to the machine learning techniques, it applies a blur which simulates a shallow depth of field.

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How to Use Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus

Check Out:

  • Portrait mode lets you shoot only with the telephoto lens.
  • It doesn’t feature zoom options.
  • There is no option to access the Flash, HDR, Live Photos, or Filters. However, you can use 3- and 10-seconds timer.
  • You can see the depth effect live before capturing a photo.

How to Use Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 10.1

How to Enable Portrait Mode in iOS 10.1 on iPhone 7 Plus

  • Make sure to update your iPhone to iOS 10.1 or later.
  • First up, you need to enable the Portrait mode in the stock Camera app.

Step #1. Launch Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus.

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Step #2. Simply slide the Camera wheel to select Portrait mode.

Tap on Portrait Mode in iPhone 7 Plus

How to Shoot Portrait Shots on iPhone 7 Plus

Note: You can use Portrait mode only in brightly-lit conditions.

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Step #1. Remain within 8 feet of your subject. Now, the face and body detection technology will automatically identify the subject.

Step #2. Check out Camera app’s prompts “Move farther away,” “More light required,” “Place subject within 8 feet”. Follow the command perfectly.

Step #3. You should see a yellow banner at the bottom–“Depth Effect”. Time to take the shot.
Take Photo on iPhone 7 Plus with Depth Effect

That’s done! Now, go ahead and use Portrait Mode to take a lot of memorable photos.

Take Photo with Background Blur Effect on iPhone 7 PlusWould you like to say something about this much-awaited feature? Feel free to let your views come across.

Video walkthrough of Portrait Mode

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