How to Use Picture in Picture Mode on iPad in iOS 9: Quick Tip

Here is a quick tip to use Picture in Picture mode on iPad running iOS 9. Read on the content and explore this amazing feature of iOS 9 on iPad.

A Multitasking window feature is something that Apple users are waiting ever since its release from Apple giants. And finally, Apple has introduced the Picture In Picture (PIP) mode in its latest update of iOS 9.

‘Picture in Picture’ is one of the finest features that iOS 9 has to offer to its iPad users. Basically, it’s a multi-tasking feature and requires minimal efforts to integrate on existing video app. This is the first time Apple has to offer something like this. You can enable this feature with the latest update of the iOS 9, and it’s only available for the iPad. This gives you a split view multitasking where you can use two apps at the same time.

A basic definition of this can be, the user can play a video or hold face-time call, and while at the same time can use other apps, games or anything else on the iPad.

It’s not necessary that all the streaming video apps support the Picture In Picture mode; this might change in the following months because this is one feature Apple needs to standardize yet. There will be lots of changes in the upcoming updates of iOS. As of now, let’s see how this PiP works on your iPad.

How to Use Picture In Picture Mode In iOS 9 On iPad

#1. After your iOS 9 update, you’ll enable a new feature on the screen when a video is played.

#2. At the bottom of the right corner of the video screen, you will see a small rectangle with an arrow inside it pointing towards a smaller rectangle.

#3. Tap on it and the video screen will be minimized.

#4. You can adjust the measurements of the minimized video screen by pinching it to zoom and place that anywhere on the main screen. Mostly in between the corner sides are preferred for better multi-tasking.

#5. Tap again on the minimized screens and you’ll see more options related to the video on it. Just like the pause button or the close button or the expand button.

#6. Once this feature is in use, you can go back to the home screen and use any other app on your iPad.

Missing out your car race but have to watch your favorite sport too? Then, this Picture in Picture mode in iPad is your way to go!

Why Use Picture In Picture Mode?

While some of the users might think that Picture In Picture is a trick by Apple to lure in more users, but trust me it’s not. Once you start using this feature, you’ll realise how amazing it is to watch videos, movies or any of such sorry without getting stuck in one app.

This feature frees you from choosing between your video apps or any other tasks you require to do it at the same time. Minimise your videos and enjoy the taste of other apps as well. That’s what Apple has simplified.

Compatibility: iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 or newer.

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