How to Use Picture-In-Picture Mode in YouTube on iPad

“Picture-in-picture” mode is one of my favorite multitasking features. Recently, I was using PiP mode in YouTube on my Mac, and I wondered if this feature worked for iPad as well. So, I checked it out on my tablet and much to my surprise it worked pretty much the same way.

In this hands-on guide, I’m gonna share two super handy tips that can let you watch your favorite YouTube videos with Picture-in-Picture mode in Safari on iPad. While one way is to get it done without using any trick, the other method works using a smart shortcut called “PiP Video.”

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

How to Watch YouTube Videos with Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad using Safari

Step #1. Open Safari and head over to

Step #2. Now, find out your favorite video and play it.

Step #3. Next, hit the full-screen button.

Tap on full-screen button in YouTube Video in Safari on iPad

Step #4. Next up, tap on the PiP icon and you are ready to go!

Tap on PIP icon to watch YouTube Video wih Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad

Now, your favorite YouTube video will play in the picture in picture mode. Go ahead and browse the web, while also watching the video.

YouTube video Play in PIP mode on iPad using safari

You can drag the video to position it any corner on the screen and also resize the video using two fingers.

Drag YouTube video to any corner on screen and resize using two fingers on iPad

How to Use CornerTube App to Watch YouTube Videos in PIP Mode on iPad

You can also take advantage of the CornerTube app to Play YouTube Videos in PIP mode. Check out this post.

Wrapping Up…

Now that you know how the hack works, make the most of it to never let boredom creep into your web browsing. Have any question? Shoot it down below.

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How to Watch YouTube Videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad

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How to Watch YouTube Videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode on iPad
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