How to Use Photos App in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Even though there aren't many flashy new add-ons, it's fun to use Photos app on iPhone running iOS 12. Some of the features that have caught my eyes are intelligent search and shared suggestions.

Photos app in iOS 12 has got some nice refinements. For a change, it has become more intelligent and offers relevant sharing suggestions. Moreover, you can use the Photos app in iOS 12 to share Photos and Videos with expiring iCloud link.

A new “For You” tab has replaced both “Memories” and “Shared Tabs.” A “Search” tab has also found a place to simplify the process of finding particular images. Overall, the new add-ons look spot on!

How to Use Photos App in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

As mentioned above, “For You” section has replaced the old Shared and Memories tabs. What it does is scan through the entire library and curates the attractive pics. Besides, it creates a great movie based on your photos and videos.  You can play the film to quickly take a peek at some of the pretty special moments.

For You Tab in iOS 12 Photos App

Sharing Suggestions

One of the notable features of “For You” is the on-point sharing suggestions. When the app identifies someone in the picture, it suggests you share the pic with them. So, if you forget to share some shots with your friend, the app will remind you of it.

Tap on Sharing Suggestions card, and tap on Select. By default, all the suggested pics are ticked. You can deselect the ones you don’t want to include. Then, tap on Next.

Sharing Suggestions in iOS 12 Photos App

After that, tap on Add People and choose the contacts. Next up, tap on Add at the top right.  Then, tap on Share in Messages and send it.

Share Photos from iOS 12 Photos App

Play Your Memory

To play the movie created by the app, tap on the For You tab → Under Memories section, select the memory you want to play → tap on more button at the top right → choose Play Movie in the menu.

Play Your Memory in iOS 12 Photos App

If you don’t like the auto-created movie or wish to offer more customization to it, you can change its title image, add/remove pictures, and even change the soundtrack. To do that play the movie and then tap on Edit at the top right corner. Next, make the desired changes and tap on Done to confirm.

Customize Your Memory in iOS 12 Photos App

Check out the option to change the theme of your soundtrack. You have several options like happy, chill, uplifting, epic and more.

Change Your Memory Soundtrack in iOS 12 Photos App

Shared Album Activity

Under “Shared Album Activity” section, you can view all of your shared albums and the ones you are part of. Besides, you have the option to add a comment and check out what other members have added to the collection.

Shared Album Activity in iOS Photos App

To find out more about how it works in iOS 12, head over to this complete guide.

Recently Shared

This is where you can quickly access all the albums, which you had shared recently. Moreover, you can copy the link of the created collection to share with other users and even stop someone from accessing it.

To do so, select an album and tap on the menu button at the top right. Then, select Copy Link to share or tap on Stop Sharing to prevent anyone from using the album.

Recently Shared in iOS 12 Photos App

Suggestion for Lighting Effect

If the app finds that some of your Portrait Mode shots would look better if you tried out different lighting effect, it offers suggestions for that as well. So, if you have a penchant for capturing pics with bokeh effect, you will find this feature appreciable.

Suggestion for Lighting Effect in iOS 12 Photos App

More Streamlined Albums

The Albums section has got some well-timed improvements as well. For instance, you can instantly dive into respective media types like Screenshots, Selfies, Portrait, Videos, Selfies, etc.

Media Types in iOS 12 Photos App

Besides, it also features an Imports section wherein all of your imported items are stored. The recently Deleted album is now located under Other Albums section.

Other Albums in iOS 12 Photos App

How to use Search in iOS 12 Photos App

Photos app now scans through your entire library to provide more accurate search suggestion. Hence, you don’t have to spend plenty of time to find out a specific image out of hundreds of options. What has made it a lot sharper is the ability to let you browse through using multiple search terms.

Let’s say; you are willing to access some of the photos captured during your Paris holiday. You can enter Paris to instant access to all of your images. Better still, even a date, name or other notable things related to an image can let you track down the pictures.

Smarter Search Suggestions in iOS 12 Photos App

How to Share iCloud Album Even with Those Who Don’t have iCloud Account

With iOS 12, you can share your favorite album even with those who aren’t using Apple devices. If you have some friends who aren’t using the iCloud account, follow this quick guide to share your memorable moments with ease.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping up

What do you think of the Photos app? Has it now covered all the bases or need more improvements? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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