How to Use Periscope for Business to Offer Better Customer Service

Periscope is a feature-rich app that can be used smartly to boost your business. Find out the tips to make the best use of it.

This is a fast changing digital world where innovative technology, advanced approach and more significantly; lateral ideas rule the roost. The key to success in such cut-throat competition is to either remain ahead of rivals or being completely different from the rest.

Unlike before, there are several highly user-friendly tools that not just attract your targeted audience with more precision but also get your message across instantly with much less effort. Periscope-the social networking app has been primed to be an amazing tool that can add an all new dimension to the way you communicate with your customers or followers.

How to Use Periscope For Business

It allows you to broadcast live videos to your followers who are automatically notified as soon as you go live. Moreover, they can instantly join, comment and send you heart to appreciate your acts. Recently, we shared a post on how to use periscope on your iPhone and today we are going to take a look at various ways to make the most of this Twitter’s live streaming app to boost your business.

How to Use Periscope for Business

Live Demo

There are a number of occasions when you feel the need to provide more specific details about how your product, company or proposal works in a way that can convince your clients. Offering Live Demo of your product through Periscope can be a viable option. Apart from saving plenty of time and money, it will bring much-needed convenience into play.

Exclusive Offers Only For Periscope Followers

Exclusive deals are what catch the eyeballs most today. Unless there is something outstanding, people don’t seem to give it a second thought. By announcing specials offers only for the followers of this app, you can cash in on the huge advantage it’s blessed with.

Live Interaction

Won’t it be a great idea to interact with your followers and held question and answer sessions on a regular basis? Of course, it will be and even prove to be a catalyst in winning them over. Where there is transparency, constant interaction without any hindrance, there is growth and prosperity.

Major Announcements

Announcing major decisions through this app first can be a masterstroke; knowing how effectively it works in taking the message across in real time. As compared to other mediums, it has the quality to strike the perfect code as well as bring the right feedback immediately.

Better Service to Your Customers

As against many other competitive social networking apps like, Facebook, Instagram, providing customer service using this live-streaming app is more result oriented. It’s been developed to hit across the line and be able to derive maximum advantage.

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