How to Get a Paper Tape for the Mac Calculator App: Save or Print your Equations for Easy Access

You can show the Paper Tape with the Calculator App on your Mac. This helps in keeping track of equations you do on the app. Learn here how to use it correctly.

The Calculator app on the Mac has many different use cases, and almost everyone use it once in a while. What you may not know is that you can see all your calculations in the Paper Tape available with the Calculator app on the Mac. This may be very helpful when you have many calculations to do.

There are chances that you may lose track of your last input and may have to start from scratch. This generally happens when you are calculating your monthly budget, where you add a lot of numbers one by one. The Paper Tape feature shows all your calculations, and you can also save it for future reference. Let’s learn how to use this feature correctly.

How to Show a Paper Tape in Mac Calculator App

Step #1. Launch the Calculator app on your Mac. You can find it using Spotlight or from the Launchpad.

Open Calculator app on Mac

Step #2. From the Menu bar, click on Window and then click on Show Paper Tape. Or you can press Command (⌘) + T keyboard shortcut while keeping the Calculator app as the active window.

Show a Paper Tap for the Mac Calculator App

Step #3. Now try performing a calculation using the Calculator. You’ll notice that the result along with your inputs are displayed in the Paper Tape.

Use the Paper Tape in Mac Calculator App

Step #4. In order to save the Paper Tape, click on File option in the menu bar and then click on Save Tape As.

Save Paper Tape in Mac Calculator App

Step #5. You can also print the tape by clicking the Print Tape option from the Calculator’s File menu.

Print Paper Tape in Mac Calculator App

That’s all for tonight mate!

Signing off…

Paper Tape is certainly a handy feature not just for the sake of keeping track of your calculations. But also for future references, because once you exit the Calculator app, all your inputs are gone. If you save it on Paper Tape, you can get the dots to join, in case you run into any sort of confusion in the future.

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