How to Use One-Handed Keyboard Mode in iOS 11 on iPhone

Time to make the most of one-handed typing experience! Head over to this quick guide to enable and use one-handed keyboard mode in iOS on iPhone.

Ever since I perennially switched to Apple’s phablet (5.5-inch iPhone) to enliven my media consumption experience, I have had to compromise on one thing- “Inconvenient Typing.” The ultra-large screen of the smartphone had taken away the comfort of one-handed typing—which I really enjoyed a lot on a 4-inch iPhone. Fortunately, those discomforting days are finally over. No prizes for guessing! You can now enable and use one-handed keyboard mode in iOS 11 on your iPhone.

So, whether you are left handed or find right-hand typing more smooth sailing, this one-handed keyboard mode will make your life a lot easier. Even better, you can instantly activate and quit it. Let’s head over to know more!

How to Enable and Use One-Handed QuickType Keyboard Mode on iOS 11 on iPhone

Step #1. First off, you need to open any app and bring up the QuickType keyboard like you normally do. In this test, I’m going to open Messages app.

Step #2. Next, tap and hold on the “International Keyboard” button.

Tap on Globe Icon in Keyboard in iOS 11

Step #3. Check out the trio of the new icons (look like tiny keyboards) along the bottom. If you wish to type with your right hand, tap on the right side of keyboard icon. Tap on the left side of the keyboard icon to get started with your left hand.

Use iPhone Keyboard One Handed

As you can see, the keyboard shrinks to the right/left to make it ultra-convenient for you to type with one hand.

Use One-Handed Keyboard Mode in iOS 11 on iPhone

If you want to go back to the normal keyboard, just tap on the arrow on either side of the keyboard.

Disable One Handed Keyboard in iOS 11 on iPhone

Video: How to Use One-Handed Keyboard Mode in iOS 11 on iPhone

Over to you

I really like this well-timed feature which is definitely going to make typing more convenient on iPhone. There are times when I just don’t want to use both my hands to type; especially when working on the computer or relaxing on a couch. Thankfully, from now onwards, I won’t have to use both my hands to write messages or quick replies.

What do you think of this all new feature? Shoot your feedback in the comments below.

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