How to use an NFT as Twitter profile picture using iPhone

How to use an NFT as your Twitter profile picture

While our beloved Twitter is hesitant to offer an ‘edit’ button, it happily welcomes NFTs to its platform. You can now use an NFT as your Twitter profile picture and let all your followers and non-followers know about your artwork and collection. Here’s how you can set an NFT as your Twitter profile picture using your iPhone.

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What you need to know before

  • The feature is currently available for iOS users only, although Twitter will add web and Android support soon.
  • Twitter only supports static image NFTs, i.e., JPEG and PNG.
  • Only NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain (like ERC-721 and ERC-1155) are supported.
  • You’ll also need a supported wallet; here’s a list of crypto wallets currently compatible with the feature:
    • Trust Wallet 
    • MetaMask 
    • Coinbase Wallet
    • Ledger Live 
    • Argent 
    • Rainbow

Don’t know how to create an NFT? These iPhone apps can help you create and mint NFTs.

How to set an NFT profile picture on Twitter

  1. Launch the Twitter app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Tap the profile picture and select Choose NFT.
  4. Select Choose a wallet and follow on-screen instructions to connect your crypto wallet.
  5. After connecting your wallet, select a supported NFT from your wallet.
  6. Tap Done and Save to confirm the selection.
Credits: OpenSea

The NFT will instantly become your Twitter profile picture. Notably, it will be seen in a hexagon shape, indicating that you are the owner of the NFT.

Remove/change NFT profile picture on Twitter

  1. Go to your Twitter profile and tap Edit Profile.
  2. Tap the profile picture and select:
    • Upload photo to choose a normal photo
    • Use another wallet to select a different NFT or connect to a different wallet.

Note: You can only link one crypto wallet with Twitter. If you link another one, the previous one will auto-delink.

How to view details of a Twitter NFT profile picture

  1. Go to Twitter and open the profile with the NFT profile picture (yours or others).
  2. Tap the profile picture.
  3. Select View NFT details.
  4. Scroll to check out the information.
How to view details of a Twitter NFT profile picture

Here, you’ll get a slew of information about the NFT like creator, owner, collection, properties, etc.

Benefits of putting NFT as your Twitter profile picture

  • Let the world see – The most lucrative benefit of using your NFT as a profile picture is to show off your creation or collection to the entire Twitter or at least all your followers.
  • Increase sales – Now that you’re showing off your NFT, the chances of attracting fellow NFT enthusiasts is greater. In turn, this may lead to your NFT sales.
  • Support to the industry – Nowadays, social media websites have become validators. And Twitter’s support for NFT would help bring more attention to the overall industry.

Risks of setting NFT as a Twitter profile picture

While not really Twitter’s fault, the plan has a flaw. Anyone can save your NFT as an image and mint it as their own. Yes, there are ways to validate the NFT, but it will take more than a few clicks. Plus, in most scenarios, you might not even know that your NFT is stolen and used by someone.

So, you’re putting your NFTs at risk. Notably, that risk pertains to almost all NFTs across platforms. However, since Twitter is way more popular than OpenSea, Foundation, etc., the theft risk is higher.

For more info on the matter, check out this interesting Twitter thread.

That’s all for now!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when Twitter gives you a new feature, you make the most of it. Share your Twitter ID with NFT profile pictures with us at @igeeksblog; we’ll love to share some of the best profiles on our Twitter page.

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