How to Use Netflix Party on Mac

How to Use Netflix Party on Mac

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for Netflix that lets you watch movies and shows together with your friends online. If you’re wondering how to use Netflix Party on Mac, you’ve come to the right place. This extension works by synchronizing the video playback on your and your friend’s device. Additionally, a chat window on the right side lets you share messages, GIFs, emojis, screenshots, etc. Sounds exciting? Let’s check out how it works!

How to Install and Use Netflix Party on Mac

Step #1. Go to NetflixParty and click on Install Netflix Party.

Click on Install Netflix Party

Step #2. You will be taken to Chrome Web Store. Click on Add to Chrome → Add extension.

Click on Add to Chrome to Install Netflix Party on Mac

Step #3. After successful installation, open in the same browser. Sign in if you haven’t already.

Step #4. Play a video on Netflix → Click on the NP button in the top right.

Click on NP Button

Step #5. Click Start Party. You may also select ‘Only I have Control’ to have sole playback video control like pause, play, and forward.

Click on Start Party

Step #6. Copy the URL and send it to your friends.

Share URL to Use Netflix Party on Mac

Step #7. When your friend, click on the link, it will redirect to Netflix’s website. After that, the friend needs to click on the NP button from the top right to join the party automatically.


This is how you can use Netflix Party on Mac to watch new Netflix movies and shows with friends. This obviously is not just limited to macOS. You can use it on any computer as long as you are using Chrome. During such times, when social distancing is a must, Netflix Party is a fun way to enjoy and have a moment of virtual togetherness.

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