How to Set up an Alternate Appearance to Use Multiple Face ID on iPhone X

You can use Multiple Face ID on iPhone X running iOS 12 by setting up an alternative appearance and allow your close ones to unlock your device. Follow this upfront guide to get started!

Ever since I put my hands on Face ID, I wanted to have an option to use multiple Face ID on the iPhone X to allow a close person of my family to unlock the device quickly. And I’m really glad to know that iOS 12 features an option to register an alternative Face ID. Thank you Apple for fulfilling my wish!

So, if you want to allow your young brother to unlock your iPhone X using Face ID, it’s the way to go. Don’t want anyone to have access to your device? No problem. You can also register an alternative appearance of yours. Keep reading…

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For instance, if you like switching from a full beard look to clean shaven avatar, you can set this appearance to make it just a tad easier for your device to recognize you. Setting up an alternate face in iOS 12 is pretty simple. Let me show you how it’s done!

Note: Currently, iOS 12 is in beta. So, ensure that you have downloaded it on your iPhone before going through the steps. We assume that you have already set up primary Face ID on your iPhone X.

How to Use Multiple Face ID on iPhone X By Setting Up an Alternate Appearance

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone → Tap on Face ID and Passcode.

Tap on Settings then Face ID & Passcode on iPhone X

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Step #2. Enter your iPhone Passcode. Next, tap on Set Up an Alternative Appearance.

Enter Passcode and Tap on Set Up an Alternative Appearance

Step #3. Next up, tap on Get Started.

Tap on Get Started in Face ID Set up on iPhone X

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Step #4. Up next, position your face in the camera frame, and then you need to move your head in a circle to show all the angles of your face. Once first Face ID scan is completed, tap on Continue.

Set Up Multiple Face ID on iPhone X

Step #5. After the second Face ID scan is over, tap on Done to finish.

How to Set Up Face ID Alternate Appearance on iPhone X

There you go!

Wrapping up

Have you got a chance to take a quick look at all the features that the iOS 12 has come with? If yes, let us know what the things that you have found truly appreciable in it are. And if it has missed to include some of your wishlists, feel free to tell us about them as well.

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With iOS 12, you can Set up and use Multiple Face ID on iPhone X. If you had been waiting for an option to let your soul mate unlock your device with facial recognition technology or set up an alternative appearance, you would find this new addition really spot on!

Jignesh Padhiyar
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