You may feel helpless when your iPhone is navigating you to an important meeting and an emergency call needs your attention, leaving you in a muffled up situation. An Apple Watch can come to your rescue in this situation.

Apple Watch comes with Maps, which allows you to use Maps for navigation and directions, find your current location, zoom in and out the area, map search, gather location info, call a location, get directions, and more. If you have Maps on Watch, you don’t need to pull out your iPhone while driving; for call drops, you can blame your mobile operator. In this how-to, we will discuss how to use Apple Maps on the Apple Watch.

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How to Use Maps on Apple Watch

How to Use Maps on Apple Watch

#1. To open and operate “Maps” on your Apple Watch

Click the Digital Crown and get to Home screen of your Apple Watch; now tap on the Maps icon.

#2. To Get Directions on your Watch

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  • Force Touch the screen for a second, until you feel the haptic feedback.
  • Choose one of the options: Search or Contact.
  • If choose Contact, then you can share your location with that contact. (You need to scroll the contact list, no search option).
  • If you select Search, you can either choose to dictate the destination or select the places you last went.

(Maps will provide you with reviews, contact information, and hours. It will also tell you how long it will take you to drive or walk to the destination.)

#3. To Go to the Destination

  • In Maps, tap on Start.
  • You will then start to get directions ( It will also display¬†estimated arrival time in the upper left hand corner.)

#4. To Stop Direction in Maps

  • Long press the map until you see a message “Stop Directions” on your Applw Watch. Tap on delete icon ‘x’ to stop direction.
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