How to Use New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar on any Mac and iPad

Wish to use Touch Bar but don't want to upgrade to the newest MacBook Pro? There are three handy apps that can let you use MacBook Pro's Touch Bar on any Mac. Refer this hands-on guide to find out how it’s done the easy way:

“Touch Bar” is the most popular feature of the new MacBook Pro 2016. Developed to let you use apps with incredible convenience, the OLED panel has mesmerized most Mac users.

Do you want to give “Touch Bar” a try on your old Mac? I’m sure; you must be willing to have a go at it. If yes, there is a way to experience this amazing feature on any Mac. Moreover, you can simulate it even on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Use New MacBook Pro's Touch Bar on any Mac and iPad

How to Get and Use New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar on any Mac and iPad

There is an app called “Touche” that can simulate Touch Bar on your Mac’s display. Since Mac doesn’t have the touch screen, you need to use Touch Bar with Mouse. You can get the app for free at the red-sweater website.

Note: Make sure your Mac is running macOS Sierra with build 16B2657 or later. You can check the “Version Number” in the “About this Mac” screen.

Step #1. Once you have downloaded Touche app on your Mac, unzip the file. When you unzip the archive, you will get the Touche app.

Step #2. Next, launch the app. You should see TouchBar displayed on your Mac screen.

Touch Bar will dynamically update by the app opened on your computer. Go ahead and use it to your best advantage.

TouchArch: Get MacBook Pro Like Touch Bar on Any Mac Using iPhone

TouchArch offers a more convenient way to get MacBook Pro like Touch Bar on Any Mac Using iPhone. Head over to this complete guide to set it up and start using the multi-touch gesture on your Mac elegantly.

How to Simulate Touch Bar on iPhone and iPad Using a TouchBar app

If you aren’t much impressed with the on-screen Touch Bar, you can simulate it right on your iPhone and iPad.


Step #1. Head over to GitHub project page for the TouchBar app. Then, you need to download the “” as well as “” files on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, you have to unzip the “” file to find the project folder named “TouchBarDemoApp-1.4”. Then, you need to open the folder.

Step #3.  Next, double-click on “TouchBar.xcodeproj.”

(Make sure, Xcode is installed on your Mac.)

Step #4. When the project opens in Xcode, you need to connect your iPhone and side-load the app.

Follow this complete guide to sideload the app on your iOS device.

After you have successfully installed the app on your iPhone, unzip the “” file on your Mac to find an application named “TouchBarServer.” Open this app.

Step #5. Launch the app you have installed on your iOS device.

Check out the MacBook Pro with the keyboard and TouchBar Strip on your iPhone!

Step #6.  Now, tap on any of the Touch Bar buttons and check out how they are working on the Mac.

You can make the app display only Touch Bar. To do so, click on the TouchBarServer icon in the menu bar on your Mac.

Then, go to “Remote Touch Bar Clients.” Next up, you need to choose the different display options for the app.

That’s it!

Wrapping Up

I’m sure these three solutions can’t offer the same experience that a full-fledged Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro can offer. However, they are good enough to entertain you. The folks who are planning to buy the MacBook Pro 2016 can find them very useful.

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