How to Use Live Listen with AirPods in iOS 12

I guess not many of you would be aware that you could enable Live Listen for your AirPods in iOS 12 and turn your iPhone into a pretty useful microphone. Dive right in to discover more about this nifty feature!

iOS 12 has packed in one nifty feature for AirPods —”Live Listen”. It lets you use your iPhone as a microphone when it’s paired with the Bluetooth earphones. That means you can use “Live Listen” with AirPods on your iOS 12 devices to comfortably hear a speaker in a big hall or be able to catch what the waiter says in a noisy restaurant easily.

For those uninitiated, the aforementioned hearing featuring has existed on iPhone since 2014. With its support for AirPods, you can put your iOS device closer to the person you wish to hear and then use the earphones to communicate without any disturbance. From what I can see, it’s going to be very helpful in various situations.

How to Enable Live Listen for AirPods in iOS 12

To get started, you have to first add “Hearing” to the Control Center.

How to Add “Live Listen” to Control Center on iPhone

Step #1. Ensure that the AirPods are already connected to your iPhone. Open Settings app on your iOS device.

Open Settings App on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now, tap on Control CenterCustomize Controls.

Tap on Control Center and then Select Cutomize Controls in iOS 12

Step #3. Next, tap on the “+” button to the left of Hearing to add the Live Listen widget to your Control Center.

Tap on Plus icon next to Hearing in iOS 12 Control Center Customize

Now, getting started with this feature is a breeze…

How to Use “Live Listen” with AirPods

Note: Ensure that the earphones are connected to the iPhone.

Step #1. Once you have added Live Listen to Control Center, open CC on your iOS device.

  • On iPhone X and iPad, swipe down from the top right corner.
  • On your other iOS devices, swipe up to access CC.

Step #2. Now, tap on the Live Listen icon.

Tap on Live Listen icon in iPhone Control Center Penal

Step #3. Next, the Live Listen Panel will appear on the screen. Tap on Live Listen to enable it.

Tap on Enable Live Listen for AirPods in iOS 12

The volume control of your device will set the volume of the audio.

Now, it’s time to test this feature. As mentioned above, you can place it near a person whose voice you wish to hear more comfortably and take the help of the earphones to have an undisturbed conversation. Of course, you can take advantage of it in various other situations to make hearing a more convenient affair.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • The first, when this feature is enabled, the tap shortcuts on the AirPods are turned off.
  • And the second, you won’t be able to play/pause or skip tracks. Plus, you will have to use the on-screen audio controls to fine-tune the audio.

That’s pretty much!

Wrapping up:

What’s your take on this nifty add-on for AirPods? It would be great to have your feedback down below in the comments.

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