How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS 11 Files App on iPad Pro

Manage your docs more comfortably! Take the full advantage of these keyboard shortcuts for iOS 11 Files app to carry out the task of managing docs more swiftly on your iPad Pro.


Files app has made the task of managing files a hassle-free task on iOS devices. What I have personally liked about this neat app is the easy-to-use functionality. From letting you securely store your important docs to keeping them updated, it allows you to take perfect control of all of your docs. Even better, you can use various keyboard shortcuts in Files app on your iOS 11 device to get your work done more smoothly.

These keyboard shortcuts can be enormously helpful for the folks who have iPad Pro and use the tablet with a hardware keyboard. Though they may not still provide you the same experience you get on MacBook Pro due to certain limitations, it’s worth giving them a try to carry out the work a bit more conveniently.

iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad Pro Running iOS 11

iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for iOS 11 Files App

  • Copy: Cmd+C
  • Duplicate: Cmd+D
  • Paste: Cmd+V
  • Create folder: Shift+Cmd+N
  • Search: Cmd+F
  • Show Recents: Shift+Cmd+R
  • Show Browse: Shift+Cmd+B
  • Go to Enclosing Folder: Cmd+up arrow
  • View as Icons: Cmd+1
  • View as List: Cmd+2
  • Move Here: Shift+Cmd+V
  • Delete: Cmd+Backspace
  • Select All: Cmd+A

I find these keyboard shortcuts very helpful. Of course, there is still some room for improvement but it’s good to have them. For instance, moving, copying and pasting items could be simplified further. Just in case you wish to select all the files, you have to first tap on the Select button → tap on the files you wish to copy and then use the Select All keyboard shortcut.

It’s indeed not a straightforward way to select all the files. It would have been better had there been a select mode. Besides, the app lets you search only documents title.

Your take?

What’s your take on Files app and these keyboard shortcuts? Do you find them helpful? Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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