The ultra-big size of iPhone 6 or 6 plus has been the biggest sell out point ever since it was launched. The unprecedented sell suggests that the beefed up size has played a massive role in making the newest iPhones so popular. Whereas the latest iPhones have been raved up by many, some users find a little difficulty while using their device one handed.

OneHandWizard is the all new Cydia tweak that enables you to use your iPhones with just one hand. This tweak has been made for the folks who aren't quite impressed with the Reachability feature in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and desire something more efficient that can be worth executing. Let’s have a glance at what more this tweak has to offer!

How to Use iPhone One HandedHow does OneHandWizard Work
After you have installed this tweak from Cydia’s Bigboss repo ($3.99), you would find its icon right on your Homescreen. If you want to configure it, tap on it and go to its preference pane. You can also configure it from Settings app.

This tweak provides you options to assign launch action. Go to Settings → Tap on OneHandWizard → tap on Assign Launch Action → now you can assign launch action for Home button, Lockscreen and more as per your need.

OneHandWizard Cydia Tweak SettingsAssign Launch Action Settings in OneHandWizard Cydia TweakPersonally, I enjoy its Muti-Touch Gesture that allows you to pinch your iPhone's screen with five fingers, spread screen with five fingers and more.

Enable/Disable One Hand Mode
It's pretty easy to enable/disable one hand mode with the assigned action. For example let's say, you have chosen double tap on Home button option for Touch ID iPhones.

If you have none Touch ID iPhone like, 5 or 5c, you will have to triple press home button to enable or disable this tweak.

Resize One Hand Mode
The Resize One Hand Mode makes it very convenient for you to use your device using your thumb. As it lets you twist the actual view, your thumb is able to reach it with very little effort.

Left and Right Hand Mode
This tweak can be aligned both left and right. So, if you want to use your device using your left hand you can enable left hand mode. In the same way if you want to use your iPhone with right hand you can effortlessly do so by enabling right hand mode.

Left and Right Hand Mode on OneHandWizard Cydia TweakVolume and Mute Control
This tweak provides you option to change volume and mute control with just one hand. There are times you don’t want to employ both of your hands and just like to use your device with ease. This is when, it can come to be of great help.

Take Screenshots With Just One Hand
Ever liked the idea of taking screenshots with just one hand? This tweak allows you to do so. All you have to do is press a button and you are done!

Infinite One Hand Mode
Unlike Reachability, which is the native feature of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, its one hand mode doesn’t get disabled by itself. You can keep one hand mode as long as you wish.

Designed For Super Comfortable Use
This tweak has been made to let you use your device with ease without having to take yourself out of your comfort zone. If you had been looking for some rich customizations to bring about the desired comfy while using your iPhone, this tweak can win you over.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: $3.99