How to Use iPhone As A Webcam on Your PC or Mac Wirelessly

Track multiple videos at once using your iPhone! Follow this quick guide to turn your iOS device into a webcam and monitor your office or home remotely.

Do you know that you can use your iPhone as a handy webcam on your PC or Mac to keep a tab on multiple live videos and audio feeds? It would help you keep an eye on your ever-endearing pet or monitor your office remotely.

Fortunately, there are a number of top webcam apps for iOS that are fully equipped to let you stream multiple live videos with ease. You can comfortably set up the webcam using your iOS device and computer. Capture videos in different resolution and even fine-tune the quality. More interestingly, you will get alerts for face detection and audio as well. Ready to turn your iOS device into a webcam? Let me show you how it’s done the right way!

How to Turn iPhone and iPad into a Webcam


  • iPhone and iPad Running latest iOS version.
  • A webcam app (check out the best webcam apps for iPhone.)
  • Desktop Client of Corresponding Webcam App
  • A Mac/PC

Now, download the respective software on your Mac/PC

After you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, go to the app’s website to download the corresponding webcam client for your PC or Mac. Then run that software. This will install the required drivers that will help identify your iPhone as a webcam.

Run the app on your iPhone

Start the app on your iPhone. After this, align the iPhone’s camera as per your need. Head back to your system and (depending on the software you choose); you might need to start the software program once.

Test the webcam

Finally, open the program of your choice to see if the video works. In case of problems, make sure you’ve set up the desktop program correctly. Also, note that you’ll need an active Wi-Fi network on your iPhone and your desktop. Most apps require you to have the same network on both devices.

Your Take?

Now, go ahead and keep a track of multiple activities using your favorite webcam app. May I know the name of the app that you have preferred to use? It would be nice to know your pick and the valuable feedback in the comments below.

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