If you read our post on iPhone as a remote control, you probably know that there’s a ton of things you can control with your iPhone, remotely. One of the most useful applications of this is being able to control that iTunes library with your iPhone. With Apple’s own app, this is possible and quite smartly so.

Using the iPhone as a remote to control iTunes is amazing. You no longer have to be glued to the Mac/PC to change songs, add to the playlist or check what’s the next song in line. On a further note, we’re looking at a simpler interface too without distractions and too many features!

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How to Use iPhone As A Remote for iTunesSo how do you get started with this thing? Remote has been here for a long time now, but if you’re a new user, you’re going to love it.

To use iPhone as a remote control for iTunes, you’ll need:

  • The latest iTunes software for your Mac/PC
  • An iPhone (or an iPod Touch/iPad)
  • The Remote app from App Store

Here is how to remotely control iTunes right from iPhone:

Step 1: Download “Remote” from the App Store to your iPhone

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Step 2: Connect your iPhone to iTunes and sync

Step 3: Now, open the app and then tap on ‘Add an iTunes Library’

Step 4: You’ll be shown a 4-digit passcode. Note this down.

Step 5: In the iTunes window, if you look under the Devices tab in the sidebar (enable sidebar from View -> Show Sidebar), you’ll find one more iPhone listed beneath your device. This will have the remote app icon next to it instead of the usual iPhone icon. Click on this new device.

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iPhone As a Remote Control for iTunes

Step 6: Enter the passcode that you noted down.

iPhone As a Remote to Control iTunes Library

That’s it.

Remotely Access iTunes Library from iPhone

Note that if iTunes doesn’t display the second device, you’ll need to restart iTunes and the Remote app on your iPhone to get things going.

Your iPhone will be now linked to iTunes and can control the music remotely. All you do is open the Remote app on your iPhone and browse the linked iTunes library. There are a few powerful features besides the usual controls:

  • Gestures to control Apple TV via iTunes
  • Creating playlists, Genius playlists, editing and updating playlists
  • Complete control of the playback: play/pause, fast-forward/rewind, shuffle, volume control, etc.
    See Up Next, queue songs

Since the whole thing works on Wi-Fi, you’ll actually be able to control music playback from anywhere in your house Unlike IR remotes which require you to be “in direct range.”

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