Luna Display Turns an iPad into a Mac Mini Display

How to Use iPad as Display for Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Air or iMac

It seems like Apple promotes its iPad Pro as a computer and encourages young users to get more mobile with iPad. And lo, I came to know about a cool new product that can turn an iPad into a Mac mini display. It is Luna Display, a dongle that helps you turn your iPad into a wireless display for Mac mini. This small product creates a new workspace that boasts the best of Mac and iPad. The best thing is, it works on all major iPads except the first generation.

How to Use iPad as Mac Mini Display for Any Mac with Luna Display

Your iPad becomes a wireless display for Mac mini, which is a stationary hub. The processing power of Mac mini and edge-to-edge retina display of iPad are at your fingertips.

You need to put a few things into place:

  • Your Mac mini (or any MacBook Pro/Air, iMac that has USB Type C port.)
  • Any iPad (except the first generation iPad.)
  • Luna Display
  • Accessories: A Bluetooth keyboard case, Mouse, and Apple Pencil (Second Generation)
  • Strong Wi-fi network

Step #1. You need to download Luna for Mac app on your Mac mini; for this purpose, keep your existing external display connected to the Mac mini.

Step #2. Next, launch System Preferences on your Mac mini.

Step #3. Now click “Users and Groups” and choose your preferred account for automatic login.

Step #4. Connect your iPad to the same Wi-fi network as your Mac mini.

Note: If Wi-fi is not available, you can connect your two devices using a USB cable.

Step #5. Then you are required to download Luna Display app on your iPad.

Step #6. When both apps are installed on both devices, open Luna Display app and follow on-screen instructions.

You will be asked to insert Luna device into Mac mini.

Step #7. It is time to disconnect the external display from your Mac mini.

Note that if you use FileVault, you’ll still need an external display to unlock your drive whenever you reboot.

There you go!

Video: iPad touchscreen Mac Mini Setup

YouTube video

Now you can use your iPad as a Mac mini display.

Since Mac mini is shipped without a display, Luna Display finds a suitable usage for Mac mini users. One should not limit the use of Luna Display to Mac mini as users can always use this dongle with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or an iMac.

Users, who wanted to experience superior graphics on iPad, can now use programs like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro on iPad.

When you wish to go back to iOS on your iPad, simply swipe up like you used to bring home screen on your iPad. Coming back to macOS is equally easy; just tap on Luna Display app to go back to macOS.

Is it a good deal?

Only if you have both devices at home or office. You should not buy an expensive iPad only to use it as your Mac mini display.

Luna Display: A sincere effort to rework Apple ecosystem

Apple is creating competition among its own devices; my article (linked above) hints at this point. For the last three years, Apple has made tremendous efforts to improve its iPad 12.9″ as the company knew that the large-screen tablet has nearly replaced laptops, though it hasn’t replaced computers yet.

Makers of Luna Display have not failed to sense this practice of Apple, as they note, “Anyone with a close eye on Apple will notice there’s a common theme with each hardware announcement: Apple is always trying to outdo itself by creating more powerful standalone products, as if each product is slowly creeping up on the boundaries of another product.”

iPhones are so big now that they’re practically mini iPads, and iPads are marketed as “like a computer, unlike any computer.” But the reality is that even though the iPad keeps getting more powerful, it hasn’t replaced the computer yet, and people are still reaching for their Macbooks to get real work done.

Summing up…

While Apple could not (or they don’t want to) combine the iPad and Mac mini, Luna Display has successfully done this. Users will surely welcome this product to make their life more comfortable and mobile.

Do you think people will adopt Luna Display to use their iPad as a Mac mini display? Share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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