How to Use Interactive Notifications on iPhone and iPad

A notification is concentration-killer while you are doing an activity of your interest. To respond to any notification quickly, you can use interactive notifications. Read this information on how you can use interactive notifications on iPhone and iPad.

Notifications in the face of its benefits pose some minor issues as well. It is quite irritating to receive notifications while you are doing something important on your iPhone or iPad. Interactive notifications for iPhone and iPad, however, is a useful feature for users. Instead of stopping your tasks, you can go ahead with your tasks after responding to the notifications. Just take care of the notifications from the top of your device’s screen and you can resume your tasks. Note that you can respond to the notifications from Lock screen.

We have listed two different methods: respond when your iPhone/iPad screen is locked and unlocked. This information helps you take quick action on notifications.

How to Use Interactive Notifications on iPhone and iPad

Notifications can surprise you at any time while you are playing your favorite game, checking news feeds on Facebook, browsing websites or chatting with friends on

Hangout. But notifications should not disturb you anymore; just deal with each on the spot and continue your activities.

How to Use Interactive Notifications on iPhone and iPad

When a notification banner pops up

Step #1. Swipe down the notification banner when you receive a notification.

Step #2. Now tap on any button that prompts you to take an action you may wish to take. These options can be different as per the app on which you have received notifications.

For example, you can tap on a text message to start typing your reply OR if there is a calendar notification, you can tap on dismiss or snooze. Now you can resume your tasks!

Use Interactive Notifications on iPhone and iPad

Use Interactive Notifications from the Lock screen on iPhone/iPad

If you want to do away with notifications while you are engrossed with any of your favourite activity (like watching TV or reading some interesting stuff), interactive notifications can come to your rescue. And you don’t have to unlock your iPhone or iPad.

Upon receiving a notification

Step #1. Swipe from right to left on the notification.

You will see available options, which may vary as per the app you have received notifications from.

Step #2. Tap the available options.

Use Interactive Notifications on iPhone Lock screenReply Message Using Interactive Notification on iPhone

You may be asked to Reply or Delete, or there can be various response options. If you tap on Reply, you will find a text field to type your reply; if you tap on Delete, you will be able to delete the notification. The other response buttons depend on the nature of notifications and applications you have received.

Your actions solely depend on what kind of notifications you have received. Apple allows developer community to make the most of the actionable notifications. Hence, there are countless options.

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