Now, you no longer have to unlock your iPhone to reply to any notification or message. Simply 3D Touch a notification and reply it right from the Lock screen. Really, a lot has changed with the arrival of iOS 10.

Are you willing to use interactive notifications on your iPhone powered by the latest iOS version? Follow this quick guide to know how it works!

How to Use Interactive Notifications in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

How to Use Interactive Notifications in iOS 10 on iPhone with 3D Touch

Note: Only iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are equipped with 3D Touch.

Step #1. When you receive any notification, simply tap and hold on the message to activate 3D Touch.

Step #2. Depending on what type of app you receive notification from, the dialog box prompts vary.

Use Interactive Notification wtih 3D Touch

Step #3. Once you have replied to the message. Just tap anywhere on your device screen to go back to the normal view.

(You will need to enter passcode or Touch ID on your iPhone, if you want to jump to the app.)

How to Use Interactive Notifications in iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad without 3D Touch

Using interactive notifications on iOS devices without 3D Touch is also quite simple.

Step #1. When you get any notification on your iPhone, simply swipe left.

Step #2. Again, based on the app you receive notification from you will have different options.

Tap on Clear in Message in Lock Screen iOS 10

Tap on Reply to respond. Or tap on Clear to remove the notification.

You can use these simple steps to respond to any notifications from the compatible apps.

If any apps don’t support this functionality, it won’t have any interactive prompts after you pressed them.

One of my favorite features in iOS 10 is the redesigned Lock screen, which has become more user-friendly than ever before. If you want to navigate it with ease, make sure to check out this complete guide.

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