How to Use Escape Button on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

How do you use another key as escape key on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Let me show you how it's done...

MacBook Pro Touch Bar changes dynamically by different apps to show the relevant tools and controls. There is an Esc button which appears at the left side of Touch Bar. While other tools change as per apps, Esc remains at its place.

At times, Esc button to get covered by tools on Touch Bar. There might be a situation when the Esc button would not work. In such cases, you may need to use Esc alternatives on your new MacBook Pro.

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How to Use Escape Button on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

How to Use Escape Button on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

How to Access Esc Button on Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

The Esc button is located on the left side of the Touch Bar. (It’s at the same place where Esc key appears on traditional keyboards. )

At times, tools may temporarily cover the Esc button. To reveal it, just tap on “X” or “Done” button on the Touch Bar.

How to Use Another Key as Escape Key on New MacBook Pro

You have the option to use a physical key to act as Esc key.

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Step #1. Click on Apple menu on your MacBook Pro.

Step #2. Now, click on System Preferences → click on Keyboard.

Step #3. In the Keyboard preferences, you need to choose Modifier Keys.

Step #4. Finally, you have to use menus to select another key to act as Esc.

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As for instance, should you select Escape to the right of the Control (^) Key label, you will need to press Control to make it function exactly as Esc key.

Note: If you ever don’t want to use another key as Esc key, follow the same steps mentioned above and click on Restore Defaults.

How to Force Apps to Quit Using Esc Alternatives

Just in case, the app you are using becomes completely unresponsive, Esc button might not work. Hence, you won’t be able to close the app using the Esc button. In that case, you would need to switch to another app and try Option+Command+Escape to quit the option. (Alternately, select Apple Menu → Force Quit.)

If it doesn’t work or the Touch Bar is completely unresponsive, you need to restart your MacBook Pro.

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Simply go to Apple Menu → Restart. Alternately, press and hold the Touch ID (power button) until your Mac turns off/on.

(You may want to follow this complete guide to fix the unresponsive Touch Bar.)

That’s it!

You can customize Touch Bar as per your liking. Just in case, you don’t have the new MPB; there is a trick to use Touch Bar on any Mac.

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