Among the many new features added to iOS 7, photo filters is something that a lot of people are interested to get their hands on. Filters has not been new to iOS what with Instagram and Camera+ having already introduced the concept to iPhones and iPads.

But what’s new is that you no longer have to depend on a third-party app to get photo filters. And with Apple’s arsenal of 9 different filters, iOS 7’s camera app just got better.

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For those of you who’ll be installing iOS 7 in the coming weeks when it’s released publicly, here’s a short tutorial on how to use filters in iOS 7’s camera app (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

How to Use Filters in iOS 7

Make sure you are prepared before you upgrade to iOS 7. Here are some tips.

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Using the Camera App

  1. Open the camera app on your iDevice
  2. When you are on Photos/Square or Pano, you should see three white circles in the bottom-right
  3. Tap this icon and 9 tiles show up
  4. The tiles show filter effects (central tile being no filters). Pick one
  5. Once you pick a filter by tapping it, that filter gets applied real-time to the photo you are composing
  6. To make sure you have enabled a filter, look at the circles: they should be red, green and blue instead of desaturated white.
  7. Click the picture and it gets saved to your camera roll: with the filter applied.

iOS 7 Camera Filters

That’s it! It’s as simple as it can get.

Using the Photo App

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You can also apply filter effects to pictures you’ve captured already. This can be done through the Photos app.

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  1. Tap on a photo you want to edit
  2. When the photo opens, tap on Edit on top-right
  3. Now, tap on the three circles again
  4. Choose a filter to be applied
  5. Tap on Done to apply the filter!

One great thing about iOS 7 filters is that you can remove the filter and then apply some other filter to the same photo multiple times. Pretty nifty because iOS 7 keeps the original intact.