How to Use Calendar App with Siri on iPhone and iPad

You can operate Calendar app on iPhone/iPad with the help of Siri. Get to know how you can create, update, and cancel the event on Calendar by a set of instructions given to Siri.

Calendar app on your iPhone and iPad has actually made the position of personal assistant or personal secretary redundant in corporations. The reason behind this fact is simple: Calendar helps you create events and tasks and also helps you remember many things in your professional and personal life.

Ever since the integration of Siri in iOS devices, this app has become all the more useful and exciting. Siri is now your personal assistant and therefore, you can give certain commands to carry out some tasks without using your fingers. Using Calendar app with Siri is an amazing experience as you can smoothly create a Calendar event, update & cancel the event, and finally view and check Calendar with the help of Siri.

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How to Use Calendar App with Siri on iPhone and iPad

To begin with, we will create an event and then will perform some experiments like updating and cancelling the same event.

Creating an event in the Calendar app on iPhone can be a task for some, who manually create and manage events.

How to Create a Calendar Event with Siri on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. First off, summon Siri by pressing and holding the Home button (If you have enabled Hey Siri, just speak Hey Siri).

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Step #2. Now give Siri command: Schedule/set/fix a meeting/appointment with Dhvnaesh at 4 pm tomorrow.

Schedule Meeting on iPhone Using Siri

Siri will ask you to confirm your action. You can either tap on Confirm or just say “Confirm” and your meeting or appointment will be scheduled for the day.

Confirm Meeting Schedule on iPhone Using Siri

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Please note that if you schedule another event at the same time, same day, Siri will ask you either to override the scheduled event or cancel the one you want to schedule.

Now that you have set an event, you can always go back and change or update the event. For example, you have fed Siri with the wrong time. So ask Siri to change the time.

How to Update a Calendar Event with Siri on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Summon Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

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Step #2. Command Siri to change or update the event: Reschedule or reset my 4 pm meeting with Dhvnaesh today.

Reschedule Event using Siri on iPhone

Step #3. Upon this, Siri will ask your new time and date.

Step #4. After feeding new time (5 pm) and date, Siri will again ask for your confirmation.

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Step #5. Say “Yes” or tap on Confirm.

Confirm Reschedule Event using Siri on iPhone

Your event will be updated as per your fresh instructions.

Reset Meeting using Siri on iPhone

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Now, if you want to cancel the event or delete it, you can do this by speaking the command to Siri.

How to Cancel your Calendar event with Siri on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Summon Siri on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now tell Siri: Cancel/delete my 5 pm meeting with Dhvnaesh.

Upon this, Siri will ask for your confirmation.

Step #3. Say “Yes” and give your confirmation.

Delete Or Remove Calendar Event using Siri on iPhone

Delete Calendar Event using Siri on iPhone

Note that if you have scheduled multiple events for a particular day, you need to be specific about which event you want to cancel or delete; otherwise, Siri will line up multiple events on the screen.

How to Check your Calendar events with Siri on iPhone and iPad

This should be your morning discourse when you get up at day break. Because you may have to prepare yourself for a particular event reminder for which flashes in front of your eyes just a few minutes before it is going to happen. For example, if you have set an event for a meeting with your boss at 12 pm, it is always better to check the event in the morning so that you can prepare reports accordingly.

Step #1. Summon Siri on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now ask Siri a few questions or commands like:

  • Give me a list of events for tomorrow or April 20th.
  • What have I scheduled for May 1st.
  • What is my schedule for June 25th.

View List of Calendar Events on iPhone using Siri

View Calendar Events on iPhone Using Siri

Siri will present you a list of events you have scheduled on the Calendar app on your iOS device. After viewing all the events, you can press the Home button to leave Siri and continue your other tasks on iPhone or iPad.

Siri is software to explore; the more you explore, the more benefit you will find. If you have any interesting information about Siri, please share with us on social media channels Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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