How to Use iOS 11 Automatic Setup to Quickly Setup Your New iPhone

With the use of Automatic Setup in iOS 11, you will be able to set up your iPhone and iPad a bit more comfortably. Head into this hands-on guide to know how it works!

Apple has made setting up a new iPhone a bit easier with the introduction of a new “Automatic Setup” feature in iOS 11. It transfers Apple ID, Wi-Fi info, preferred settings and iCloud Keychain passwords.

One thing you need to know that Automatic Setup differs from the process of restoring from an iCloud backup. So, what makes it different? It doesn’t offer full device-to-device content transfer.

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Once you have transferred settings, you will have to move app data by restoring from a backup.

How to Use Automatic Setup in iOS 11 to Quickly Set Up Your New iPhone

  • Automatic Setup is specifically made only for settings and bypassing some of the commonly used setup steps.
  • To use Automatic Setup, make sure both of your devices (new and old ) are running iOS 11.

Step #1. Turn on your new iOS device.

Step #2. Follow the steps to set up your device. When you have selected your language, you will get a “Set Up Your iPhone (or iPad)” prompt.

Step #3. Now, you have to place your old iOS device near the new device to begin Automatic Setup.

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Step #4. On your old device, you will see a pop up saying now you can use Automatic Setup. Tap “Continue” to start.

Step #5. An Apple Watch-style pairing image will appear on your new device.

You will also be asked to scan it with the camera on your old device.

Now, you have to hold the existing device’s camera over the image to pair.

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Step 6. Next up, check out the passcode that will appear on your old device. You need to enter it on the new one.

Now, your data will start transferring over to the new device.

Once Automatic Setup is completed you will get the option to set up Touch ID (Face ID on iPhone X), Siri, and Wallet.

It will automatically enable Find My iPhone, location services, and analytics. If you don’t want to enable these options, tap on “Customize Settings” to change them.

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Now, you need to restore all of your apps and data from an iCloud backup or set it up as new.

Go through all the iCloud backup steps for a complete content transfer from your old device to the new one.

That’s all!

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Video: How to Use iOS 11 Automatic Setup to Quickly Setup Your New iPhone

Wrapping up

This new feature has made the process of setting up new iOS device a bit more convenient. What’s your take on it?

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