How Approve on Apple Watch Works in macOS Catalina and watchOS 6

No more need to type out passwords. With Approve you can use Apple Watch for quick and easy authentication on Mac. Keep reading...

Entering passwords for authentication is a pattern that we all are following for a long time, but with Apple devices, things have changed. It already provides a way to unlock Mac using Apple Watch, and now with the latest macOS Catalina, we can use Approve on Apple Watch for more authentication tasks, that includes unlocking locked notes, Approving app installations, and accessing Settings in System Preferences.

So, wherever you need to type a password, such as modifying any root files or to view passwords in Safari Preferences, you can double-click side button on Apple Watch to authenticate on Mac. Also, remember your Mac should support the Auto-lock feature, and you need to have two-factor authentication enabled for iCloud. Once done follow along, and I’ll show you how to use Approve on Apple Watch in macOS Catalina.

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How to Use Approve with Apple Watch in macOS Catalina and watchOS 6

How to Set up Approve with Apple Watch in macOS Catalina

Step #1. Make sure you’ve Set up a Passcode on your Apple Watch.

Step #2. On your Mac, click on Apple Logo → System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy.

Step #3. On the window, you can see four tabs at the top: General, FileVault, Firewall, and Privacy. By default, you may land on the Privacy tab, hence, you need to click on General.

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Click on General in macOS Catalina Security and Privacy

Step #4. Here, check on the Apple Watch to unlock apps and Mac.

Check on the Apple Watch to unlock apps and Mac in macOS Catalina

You may be asked to enter the system password. Enter the password and go ahead.

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Done! Now, you can authenticate on Mac using Apple Watch.

macOS Catalina is publicly released by Apple on October 7. Hence, this feature should now work on your Mac. Let us try Unlocking Passwords in Safari and Approving an app for installation.

How Approve on Apple Watch Works in macOS Catalina and watchOS 6

Unlocking Passwords in Safari

Step #1. Launch Safari on Mac.

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Step #2. Now, click on Safari from the menu bar. Next, click Preferences from the drop-down options.

Click on Safari menu and choose Preferences on Mac

Step #3. From the dialog box, click on Passwords from the multiple options.

Click on Passwords in Safari Preferences in macOS Catalina

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You can feel a little tap on your wrist if you have put on Apple Watch. Note that if Apple Watch is not around your wrist, you won’t be able to experience that alert.

Step #4. On your Apple Watch, double-tap the side button to unlock the passwords.

Use Approve on Apple Watch in macOS Catalina and watchOS 6

Wrapping Up…

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Configuring and using Approve on Apple Watch in macOS Catalina is very handy as it provides quick authentication in different apps on Mac.

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