I have no idea why iTunes Match has started to throw tantrums of late; whether it is actually not getting along well or is it Apple’s strategy to promote Apple Music? Whatever, but people have turned their attention to Apple Music, though they find it difficult (or sometimes it is beyond their logic) why they should sync their Apple Music with iCloud Music Library to access music on other devices?

As a matter of fact, users are apprehensive of syncing Apple Music with iCloud Music Library as the latter might mismatch their songs when iCloud Music Library makes those songs available on other synced devices. Moreover, users don’t see any reason behind streaming local music to other iOS or Mac devices as they can always use Apple Music streaming catalog.

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How to use Apple Music without iCloud Music Library on iPhone and Mac

So what happens when you disable iCloud Music Library?

  • Streaming songs from Mac’s library on iOS devices and another Macs is not possible.
  • Downloading songs or plays lists from Apple Music to other devices is not possible; this means, you won’t enjoy any offline access to your songs.
  • Use Wi-Fi or USB to sync music manually from iTunes Library to Mac to iPhone.

Sticky Note

Many Apple users ask questions like what if they enable iCloud Music Library on some devices and not on others. Can they do this?

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The answer is – Yes. You can select only your mobile to enable iCloud Music Library on, leaving other devices aside from syncing. This will allow you to play songs offline on your iPhone.

This also means that songs or play lists downloaded from Apple Music will be displayed on devices with iCloud Music Library enabled. On the downside, you can’t see any local Apple Music on your Mac if you have selected not to enable it.

Now let’s check how you can enable or disable iCloud Music Library on your iOS devices and Mac.

How to Enable or Disable iCloud Music Library (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)

Step #1. Launch Settings app on the iDevice.

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Step #2. Tap on Music.

Tap on Settings Then Music on iPhone

Step #3. Scroll down and check iCloud Music Library.

Tap on iCloud Music Library in iPhone Settings

Step #4. Now you can either toggle iCloud Music Library ON or OFF.

Turn On and Off iCloud Music Library on iPhone

Upon toggling ON, you will be asked to merge or replace the music available on your iPhone at present; upon toggling OFF, you will be warned that downloaded Apple Music songs can disappear.

How to Enable or Disable iCloud Music Library on Mac

Step #1. Launch iTunes on Mac.

Step #2. Click on iTunes button from the top Menu Bar → Now click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in iTunes on Mac

Step #3. Click on General tab.

Click on General Tab in iTunes Preferences

Step #4. Here, you can check or uncheck the box of iCloud Music Library.

Uncheck iCloud Music Library in iTunes on Mac

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