How to Set Up and Use Apple Music on Amazon Echo Speakers

After a long wait, Amazon Echo speakers are getting Apple Music support! Follow along as we walk you through quick steps to link Apple Music to your Amazon Echo speakers and also make it as the default service

In the latest update for Alexa app, Amazon has confirmed that it’s rolling out the Apple Music support for Echo speakers. The music lovers who had been eagerly waiting in the wing for this feature would have one obvious question in their mind. And that is–how to use Apple Music with Amazon Echo speakers!

In what could be icing on the cake, there is also an option to make Apple Music as default service on Amazon’s smart speakers. So, every time you invoke Alexa and ask it to play songs for you, it will choose Apple’s music service. Without making much ado, let me help you with the setup!

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How to Setup and Use Apple Music on Amazon Echo Devices

Note: Apple Music compatibility will start rolling in the week of December 17th. As and when it goes live, you will need to follow the below steps to get started with the music service.

Link Apple Music With Amazon Echo Speakers

Step #1. Launch Alexa app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on the menu button at the top left corner.

Step #3. Next, tap on Settings.

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Step #4. Next up, tap on Music.

Step #5. On the next screen, you should see the supported music-streaming services.

Now, you need to select Apple Music and sign in using your Account and passwords.

As mentioned above, you can choose to make the music service as your main option for both default music library and default station service. If you don’t want to look beyond Apple’s offering, go for this. Keep reading…

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Set Apple Music as Default Music Service on Amazon Echo

Step #1. Open Alexa app → tap on menu button → SettingsMusic.

Step #2. Now, tap on Choose Default Music Services.

Step #3. Next, you can select Apple Music as your default music library and default station service.

Step #4. In the end, make sure to tap on Done to confirm the change.

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Use Apple Music on Amazon Echo Speakers

Now that you have perfectly enabled Apple Music on Amazon Echo, you can fire up Alexa to do the honor for you. The virtual assistant works pretty well on the smart speaker. So, I expect your music time to be more fun-filled.

Invoke Alexa by saying, Alexa, “Play, Shape Of You” or Alexa, ” Play, best songs of Rihana.”

The possibilities are endless. Therefore, don’t fail to get the most out of the virtual assistant to spruce up your music experience.

That’s all there is to it!

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Stay Tuned In For More…

Apple Music has been growing at a rapid pace. And its availability on Echo speakers is going to bolster its rise big time. Even though Spotify still has a sizeable lead over Apple’s music-streaming service, the gap is shrinking at a fast clip.

We’ve created a long post about the best Apple Music tips & tricks. If you want to make the most of the service, do check them out.

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