After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger remains my go-to messaging app. It's got everything you'd want to light up your conversation. In what could be icing on the cake for many music lovers, you can now use Apple Music bot in Facebook both on your iPhone and computer to stream and share fabulous hits right from within the messaging app.

It's great to use Apple Music chatbot as it feels like you are communicating with someone who instantly presents you the songs or albums you wish to listen to. If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you can stream your favorite songs right from within the app. If you haven't subscribed to it, you will get to stream and share only 30-second snippets.

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How to Use Apple Music Bot in Facebook Messenger

How to Use Apple Music Bot in Facebook Messenger on iPhone

Note: Make sure you have updated the app to the latest version. If you haven't yet done it, open App Store → Updates → look for Messenger and hit the Update button which is right next to it.

Step #1. Launch Messenger app on your iOS device.

Open Messenger on iPhone

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Step #2. Now, tap on the search button and type in Apple Music. Then, tap on it.

Search For Apple Music in Messenger App on iPhone

Step #3. Next, tap on Get Started. Now, go through the brief introduction of what the Apple Music bot does. Once you are done with it, you can start chatting with the chatbot.

Tap on Get Started in Apple Music Bot on iPhone

Step #4. Type in the name of any artist, album or genre you want to listen to and then send it.

Use Apple Music Bot in Messenger App on iPhone

In this test, I typed Dangerous and Apple Music instantly sent me DANGEROUS & BASSSTRIPPER.

Using Apple Music Bot on iPhone

When you have got the album or track you want to stream, just tap on it and start listening. Check out the option to listen to it on Apple Music. You can also share it with your friends by tapping on the share button.

Cool Tip: You can also send an emoji to Apple Music to play songs or album based on its nature. For instance, when I sent it a smiling emoji, the music streaming service sent me Warm & Fuzzy Euphoric pop and dance tracks.

Use Emoji in Apple Music Bot in Messenger App on iPhone

That's how we can use Apple Bot in Messenger app on iPhone. Now, let's check out how to do the same on Windows PC or Mac.

How to Use Apple Music Bot on Computer

Step #1. Go to on your computer.

Login into on PC or Mac

Step #2. Now, search “Apple Music” and select it from search result.

Search for Apple Music in Facebook Messenger on PC

Step #3. Now, just type in your favorite song/album and send it.

Use Apple Music Bot on PC or Mac

Step #4. Once you have got the album, click on it. Next, stream it and share it with your friend.

Using Apple Music Bot in Facebook Messenger on PC

That's it!

Signing off

Apple's music streaming app is very popular thanks to its unique content. With over 30 million subscribers, it's right behind the market leader “Spotify.” What's your take on it? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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