AirPrint is one of the most interesting features of the iPhone/iPad where you get to print wirelessly. The old ideas about having the printer connected to a computer are long gone if you’ve got AirPrint-capable printers in your house.

AirPrint has been designed to be pretty simple and stable. One of the bigest advantages of AirPrint is that you can print from quite a long distance wirelessly within your home.

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The only criteria is that you have your iPhone/iPad on the same Wi-fi network as your AirPrint printer.

How to Use AirPrint on iPhone and iPad (1)

Here’s how to setup and start using AirPrint on your iPhone and iPad:

Things you’ll need:

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  • An iPhone/iPad (obviously)
  • An AirPrint-capable printer. There’s a huge list of AirPrint capable printers out here so you can cross-reference if yours is capable. Also, you can just turn on your printer settings and see if it connects to a Wifi network.
  • A stable Wifi network

Got them all? Let’s dive right into How to Use AirPrint from iPhone or iPad:

1. Turn on Wifi for your Printer

The first thing to do is connect your printer to the Wifi network in your house. Each printer has a different set of options or process so we can’t really create a how-to for that here. But the printer manual should come in handy.

It might take some time for the printer to detect the Wifi network and it’s recommended that the printer be as close to the router as possible.

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2. Connect iPhone/iPad to the Wifi network

Once you’re done connecting the printer to the Wifi network, it’s time to connect your iPhone/iPad to the same network too. This is important: you definitely need to be on the same network.

Just in case there are some errors connecting to the network, reboot your iPhone. Try things like resetting the network settings which flushes out all previously stored Wifi data (including passwords).

3. AirPrint! (from Mail, Safari, Photos, iWork etc.)

The AirPrint option in the iPhone/iPad is located in the share screen of every app.

In Safari: if you want to print a page, you need to tap on the share icon and just tap on Print. The system asks you to choose a printer and if things are connected, the AirPrint printer will show up in the list.

In Mail: interestingly, in Mail, you’ll have to hit the Reply button to print a mail.

In Other apps like Photo, iWork etc.: again, it comes down to the share icon.

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This is all fine but what about non-AirPrint-capable printers? Well, you’ve got solutions like HandyPrint and FingerPrint. Check out #3 on this post to find out how you can use AirPrint on a non-AirPrint printer.