How convenient it is to update your Facebook status or a Tweet from the comfort of your Apple Watch. You don't need to type in any text on your iPhone or Mac and still you can connect with your friends on social media.

All you need to do is to download an app – Social Action. What makes this app so special is that you can use it on your Apple Watch, just like you use it on your iPhone, and update your social media status. On your iPhone, you can use Siri to update your Facebook status though.

How to Update Posts on Twitter and Facebook from Apple Watch

Give this app an authority to access your Facebook and Twitter account and see the miracle yourself.

Step #1. Once you purchase this app from AppStore, connect sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Step #2. Now tap on the app icon and choose which social media you want to update from your watch.

Step #3. Open microphone and dictate the app to update your respective social media status.

Step #4. If you want to publish your status, just tap on Publish, or if you wish to add some more text, go for the Force Touch.

The app has very simple user interface, hence anybody can use it with ease. On opening this app, you will see a screen with icons of Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to update a Tweet, tap on Twitter icon and dictate the message, and tap on Publish. Follow the similar procedure to update your Facebook status.

While updating a Tweet, the app counts down the character, so that you get to know how many characters are left.

The app is a great help especially to commuters, who commute a lot every day. For example, if they are commuting via metro, they can constantly update their location, if they are not using Location Services on any social media. Just speak up the name of station you have arrived at and the app will update the same instantly.

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    Very useful! Simple and clean!