How to Update from macOS Mojave Beta to Official Version

Having relished the beta testing for several months, it's time to update macOS Mojave beta to the official release. Dive right in to get going!

Now that the long wait is eventually over, most of you would be all geared up to update macOS Mojave beta to the final version. Having been part of the beta testing for so long, I’m also in the same flight and look forward to putting my hands on the official macOS Mojave release.

Talking about the process, it involves a little bit of twist. Case in point, you won’t be able to switch to the final macOS release directly from the Software Update preference panel (from what I can see). So, how do you get through? Worry not. Despite the twist, jumping over to the public macOS version remains plain sailing. One important thing worth noting is that the process is the same for both developer and public beta testers. Let me walk you through the steps!

How to Update macOS Mojave Beta to Final Version

Step #1. Launch the Mac App Store on your Mac.

Launch Mac App Store on your Mac

Step #2. Now, search for macOS Mojave and when it appears, click on View.

Search for macOS Mojave and then click on View on Mac App Store

On the next screen, click on Get.

Click on Get to Download Official MacOS Mojave on Mac

Step #3. Software Update preference panel will appear on the screen.

macOS Mojave Software Update preference panel will appear on Mac screen

Once it has found the update, a pop-up will show up reading, “Are you sure you want to download macOS Mojave 10.14?”. Click on Download in the popup to confirm.

Click Download to Install Official MacOS Mojave on Mac

The macOS Mojave installer will start downloading. Check out the progress bar that shows the total size and the estimated time.
macOS Mojave installer will start downloading on Mac

Step #4. Once the downloading is over, you should see “Install MacOS Mojave” window. Click on Continue to kickstart the Updating process.

That’s pretty much it! Now, wait patiently until the process is completed successfully.

What about the Beta Updates?

Now based on your preference, you can either keep on getting the latest beta updates or opt your Mac out of the beta program. The choice is your choice!

How to Opt-out Your Mac to Stop Getting macOS Mojave Beta Updates

Step #1. Launch System Preferences on your Mac.

Open System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Now, click on Software Update.

Click on Software Update on Mac System Preferences

Step #3. Next, click on Details that is right under the Software Update icon.

Click on Details under the Software Update on Mac

Step #4. Next up, you see a message saying, “This Mac is enrolled in the Apple Developer seed program. Do you want to restore default update settings?”

Click on Restore Defaults to enrolled in Apple Developer seed program

Click on Restore Defaults.

Step #5. Up next, you have to confirm using your Touch ID or password that you want to unenroll your Mac so that it stops getting the beta updates.

Use Touch ID or password to Confirm on Mac

That’s done! Your Mac will no longer receive beta updates.

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Now that you’ve got the official version of the macOS; start digging the OS or customizing it as per your workflow. Along the way, if you find something unusual, keep us posted about that.

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