How to Unlock Snapchat Trophies on iPhone

How to Unlock Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat has taken the young generation by storm. Every young lad or lass is using this app on their smartphones. One of the primary reasons of the sweeping success of this app is its ability to edit your selfie or pictures you have taken. Apart from its existing features, the Snapchat team has always updated the app with new elements to give more fun to the users.

Last year in September, Snapchat had rolled out one of the most teasing features for the users. Snapchat Trophies, as the feature is called, are sort of emoji that express your achievements in a Snapchat app. You can get these trophies by completing several activities like reaching a certain Snapchat score or using a specific app feature. Today, Snapchat boasts 16 Trophies, with some having various levels of achievements. Once you use these Trophies, you wish Snapchat updated the list every year.

To access Snapchat Trophies case, you need to tap the white ghost icon on the app’s camera screen, and next tap on the trophy at the top of the profile screen. This will present an array of icons styled as emoji. Some of the trophies are already unlocked, and others, you will have to unlock.

So how you will unlock these Snapchat Trophies. There are no steps or methods to follow to unlock the trophies; rather, you need to keep exploring this beautiful app to earn more trophies. For example, if you have exceeded a Snapchat score, or sent a certain number of stories from Discover, you can earn a trophy. Thus, there is no sure-fire way to unlock trophies, and this adds to the excitement of users.

Snapchat doesn’t disclose how many trophies are there, though the list seems to be quite impressive. Take a look at the list of trophies and also, check instructions on how you can unlock achievements.

How to Unlock Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat Score Trophies

Baby: When your Snapchat score reaches 100.

Glowing star: When your score reaches 500.

✨ Sparkles: When your score reaches 1,000.

Shooting star: When your score reaches 10,000.

Collision symbol: When your score reaches 50,000.

Rocketship: When your score reaches 100,000.

Ghost: When your score reaches 500,000.

Snapchat Filter Trophies

Finger pointing up: After sending a snap with a filter applied.

✌️ Peace sign: After sending a snap with two filters applied.

Panda: After sending 50 snaps using the black & white filter.

❄️ Snowflake: After sending a snap with the temperature filter showing it’s below freezing.

Sun with face: After sending a snap with the filter showing it’s above 100° F.

“Draw On Your Snaps” Trophies

Lollipop: After sending a snap using five or more pen colors.

Rainbow: After sending 10 snaps using five or more pen colors.

Palette: After sending 50 snaps using five or more pen colors.

Video Trophies

Videocassette tape: After sending a video snap.

Old-school movie camera: After sending 50 video snaps.

Digital video camera: After sending 500 video snaps.

Monkey holding ears: After sending a video snap without sound.

Loop once: When you flip the camera once in a video snap.

Loop: When you flip the camera five times in a video snap.

Refresh icon: When you flip the camera ten times in a video snap.

Other Trophies

Flashlight: After sending 10 snaps with your front-facing flash on.

Half-moon face: After sending 50 snaps in night mode.

Japanese ogre: After sending 1,000 selfies.

Magnifying glass: After sending 10 photo snaps entirely zoomed in.

Microscope: After sending 10 video snaps using the zoom.

ABCD: After sending 100 snaps with enlarged text font.

Egg in a frying pan: After sending a snap between 4 and 5 a.m.

New Trophies (as of December 2015)

Email: Upon verifying your email address in Settings.

☎️ Telephone: Upon verifying your phone number in Settings.

Happy Devil: When you take Screenshot of one snap.

Sad Devil: When you take Screenshot of 10 snaps.

Red mask/Japanese goblin: When you take Screenshot of 50 snaps.

Radio: Upon submitting a snap to your Live/Local Story.

Clapper board: Upon submitting 10 snaps to your Live/Local story.

Fax machine: Upon scanning 5 snapcodes.


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