People who want to get something more out of their iPhones have two things in mind: jailbreak and unlock. While we won't be talking about the former in this post, we're going to check out all the various unlock options available for your iPhone 5.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5

At A Glance:

  • Why Unlock?
  • Verizon's Gift to The Market
  • AT&T iPhone 5 Unlock
  • IMEI Unlock
  • Cautions With Paid Unlock

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Why Unlock?

An Unlocked iPhone 5 brings the freedom of choosing your carrier. Of course, with the nano-SIM, things do get a bit complex. You will have the freedom of choosing whichever carrier you want to subscribe to – but you will need to get a nano-SIM or cut down the available SIM to the nano-SIM size to use it with your iPhone 5.

Very few people buy the unlocked iPhone 5 because it's very costly. The subsidized iPhone 5s are one-third of the unlocked iPhone 5 cost. Waiting for an official unlock from you carrier takes two years. Depending on your plan, you can get it unlocked faster, but even then, it's over a year and a half before you can have an unlocked iPhone 5.

That is why people seek different methods to unlock their iPhone 5.

Verizon's Gift to The Market

After iPhone 5's release, several users reported that Verizon iPhone 5 came unlocked by default. A simple restore on the iTunes unlocked the iPhone 5, and a sample test with a T-Mobile SIM appeared to work perfectly.

Verizon later reported that this was true and that it had no intentions of rectifying this strange occurrence. If you have a Verizon iPhone 5, a restore through iTunes should actually get your device unlocked.

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 with iTunes?

In late September, it was discovered that a full-price AT&T iPhone 5 can be unlocked just by a simple restore through iTunes (much in the same way that you'd do with Verizon's iPhone 5).

To do this:

  • Backup all data to be on the safer side
  • Connect your iPhone 5 to iTunes on PC/Mac
  • Now, click on the device (from the sidebar tab Devices)
  • Click on Restore from the Summary tab on iTunes
  • Once the restore is done, iTunes should show you a message saying your device is now unlocked

The unlock works only with off-contract AT&T iPhone 5 which means you will still be buying the iPhone 5 costing you much more than the subsidized ones.

So far, countless users have restored their iPhones through iTunes and got it unlocked.

No official comment has come out of AT&T so far.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 with IMEI Number

IMEI Unlock is one of the safest and most assured methods of getting your iPhone 5 unlocked forever. The IMEI unlock is also dubbed as “white-listing” your iPhone which means it gets unlocked once and for all. A restore or reset will never change the unlocked status of the iPhone 5.

Several IMEI unlock services are open all through the web, with some jailbreakers and hackers doing it on the side. One reputed unlock service comes from AppleNBerry which provides IMEI unlock with a money-back guarantee in case things don't work.

Cautions With Paid Unlock

When proceeding with IMEI unlock, one needs to be quite cautious.

The IMEI unlock works when someone adds your IMEI number to a white-list database. Not everyone has access to that database. You should tread very carefully, read reviews well and ask in forums before you go ahead with an IMEI unlock from someone.

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