How to Undo and Redo Typing On an iPad and iPhone


If you want to undo typing (or redo-typing) on the iPad or iPhone, a simple shake of the device should help you. Things are actually so crazy that you can actually shake-to-undo even on the Mac with software.

But shaking the iPad – generally – doesn’t look like a normal behavior. Imagine that you’re in the bus and typing something on the iPad and all of a sudden, shake the hell out of it to undo typing? Not a great picture for others, right?

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How to Undo and Redo Typing On an iPad and iPhone

Thankfully, iOS for iPad comes with both Undo and Redo buttons that work precisely the way Control+Z and Control+Y work in Windows.

To Undo Typing on iPad

If you happen to type something that you want to undo, tap on the 123 button on iPad’s keypad. This should bring up a key called ‘Undo’ on the left. When you tap this, you undo one instance of typing.

To Redo Typing on iPad

When you are on the numeric pad, tap on the #+= button and the undo button changes to redo in order to help you re-type whatever you “undo”-d (undid).

Incidentally, this is only available on iPad and iPad Mini. For the iPhone – which is a far smaller device and, therefore, easier to shake – shake-to-undo stays as the default and the only way to undo/redo typing.

It should be noted that undo/redo depends on apps and “instance” – meaning, if you exit an app in the midst of typing something, you might not be able to undo/redo stuff.

The feature is intact in iOS 7 too so you should have no trouble undoing/redoing typing whenever you feel like it.

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