Our Mac PC, iPhone and iPad have many hidden tips and tricks, which are not officially announced. It is left to users to explore them. One of such trick is to type Apple logo in Mac OS X.

Emoticons are one of the latest fads among users. Smileys and emoticons are either used to express feelings or just as a gesture. What if you want to write “Apple Watch“, with the word “Apple” replaced by Apple logo? It is really very simple if you have a Mac PC and keyboard.

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How to Type Apple Logo on Mac

Picturing an Apple logo is nothing but a typing trick. It is rather easy on Mac OS X, as the keyboard supports multiple combination typing. It is becoming a tradition to insert an Emoji in our chat or status update, for better expression.

We have already covered a topic on how to type Apple Logo in iPhone or iPad. Here we are sharing a simple way to type Apple logo on a Mac.

How to Type Apple Logo  on Mac OS X

In Mac just press “Option+Shift+K” and you will have the Apple logo whenever and wherever you want.

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Command to Type Apple Logo on MacIn case you are using Mac mini and having Windows keyboard then press “Alt+Shift+K

Type Apple Logo on Mac using Windows Keyboard

When you send this logo to anyone, make sure they are on Apple OS (iOS or Mac OS X) else, they won’t be able to see this logo. It will be displayed as a simple box, to Windows or any other OS users. So don’t be surprised if you see something ridiculous on a Windows PC or an Android smart phone. On any Apple Product the logo will shine with all its charm.

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