How To Type  Apple Logo on iPhone and iPad: Two Ways to Do So

There are two ways to type Apple Logo on your iPhone or iPad with keyboard shortcuts. Let's check out how to make it possible to get Apple Symbol easily on iOS:

For some purpose, iOS users go on searching for Apple logo in their iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, they cannot get it because Apple does not provide its logo or symbol to iOS devices and that lets down many iOS users. Though, Mac users can get the Apple logo with pressing shortcut keys “Option+Shift+K” but there is no shortcut key for iOS users.

Nevertheless, we have found some easiest ways through which you –the iOS users, can get Apple logo and type it when needed. To do so, you need to follow some of the easiest steps and you can make use of the Apple logo. Let’s go through the steps given below:

How to Type Apple Logo on iPhone and iPad

Method #1

Step #1. Open the following link in your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2. After opening the link, you will get logo sheet; select the Apple logo ().

Step #3. Tap and hold on the Apple logo and you will get option “Copy, Define, Speak”; select “Copy.”

Open on iPhone or iPad

Step #4. Go to iPhone or iPad’s Settings → General → Keyboards → Shortcuts.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhone

Tap on Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone

Step #5. In Shortcuts, tap on “+” mark that you can see in the upper right of the screen.

Tap on Plus Icon to Add Shortcuts to iPhone

Step #6. After tapping on “+”, you will get an option like “Phrase” and “Shortcut.”

Step #7. In “Phrase” field paste the copied Apple logo in it (by taping and holding in Phrase field.)

Step #8. And in “Shortcut” field type any shortcut keys so that you can get the Apple logo by typing the shortcut keys that you have entered here e.g. type “apl” and tap on Save in upper right corner.

Add Shortcut for Apple Logo and Tap on Save on iPhone

That’s it. Now, you have created a shortcut for the Apple logo. To use it just type the shortcut key that you have saved for a logo and you will get the Apple logo in option.

Watch out this video to setup Apple Logo as a keyboard shortcut in iOS:

You can get an Apple logo by another way, too. To get the logo this way, you need to have a MacBook/iMac/Mac mini.

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Method #2

Step #1. Compose mail from Mail app or any other webmail i.e. Gmail, Yahoo mail etc. and type Apple logo using shortcut keys “Option+Shift+K” in the body and send it to the iOS device. (Send on the Email ID which you have feed in your iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad.)

Step #2. Now, open that mail on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #3. Copy the Apple logo from the body.

Copy Apple Logo from Mail

Step #4. once you have copied the logo follow the same instructions from step #4 from the first method.

Yet another pretty simple way is, access this page from your iPhone or iPad, copy this logo  and follow above given instruction from step #4 from method #1.

Copy Apple Logo from Website

That’s it. You are now done with the process and have created the Apple logo permanently. You can use the shortcut keys you have entered in the shortcut field and get the Apple logo when needed.